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More should take advantage of programs

Published 9:42pm Wednesday, March 23, 2011

There are more than a few programs and events to assist parents, strengthen families and promote togetherness in the Suffolk community.

There are motherhood and fatherhood mentoring programs, family mentoring programs, events sponsored by Suffolk Public Schools, the Parent Teacher Associations at each school and more.

In the past few months, PTA groups at schools throughout Suffolk have hosted events that have focused on safety and academics.

The Suffolk Partnership for a Healthy Community has recently begun tilling their community and learning gardens that they established, among other reasons, to promote family and community togetherness.

In addition to this, the Be Fight Free committee and Student Council Association at King’s Fork High School, student-led groups, will be hosting a flea market and festival in April with an anti-violence theme. This event will not only promote non-violence, but the students involved hope it will serve as an event that all generations can enjoy together.

There are so many groups working to repair family and community relationships right now in Suffolk. I hope that these efforts are not left by the wayside.

On Tuesday, Suffolk Public Schools hosted Dr. Marcia Tate, who has published six best-selling books and has held workshops for teachers and parents all over the world. More than 100 parents and teachers attended the workshop, where Tate presented best-practice teaching strategies and the most current research to back up those strategies.

During her presentation, Tate said the changing family structure, the lack of communication between children and their parents and stress affect a child’s ability to succeed and retain information. It was a reminder of the importance parents and other adults play in helping children to succeed.

There are always new things that anyone can learn. In studying education and in teaching, I learned several of the strategies Tate presented and I have attended similar workshops, but none of these presentations have been anywhere near as interesting or engaging. I learned a great deal that I hope to use in the distant future when I have children and share with my friends who have children.

Suffolk is lucky to have programs like this. I hope that more parents will take advantage of them.


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