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Johnson has earned area’s respect

Published 10:15pm Saturday, September 22, 2012

To the editor:

I am endorsing Linda Johnson for Mayor of Suffolk for several reasons.

Linda works every day to improve our lives and the lives of our loved ones. She has gained the respect of many people throughout the Hampton Roads region and beyond. Linda uses compassion and grace when dealing with the good, bad and ugly of many situations brought to her attention.

A big reason I support her is because of the business growth she brings to Suffolk, which in turn brings money to our community and lightens the load of the taxpayers.

All in all, Linda Johnson gets the job done.

Please vote, and when you do, please cast your vote for my friend, Linda Johnson. Thank you.

Nancy J. Reukauf

  • 7l

    I’m afraid I cannot agree. She has not stood up for education in tough budget times. A leader is out in front of issues not on the sidelines. Has never explained why she finds the city manager’s actions acceptable. Many do not. Did not attempted to explain large scale projects to the affected communities such as Center Pointe until the deal was in place. Has not put transportation out as the number one problem this city will face as a result of such projects. And I do not believe she truly understands what will happen as a result of the promotion of unchecked growth. I’ve seen a Center Pointe terminal in full operation in Illinois and it will truly change Suffolk. As for traffic and trucks widening 58 will be a waste of money as it will not be able to accomodate what I saw in Illinois. Although I imagine the sale of so much land has not hurt local business associated with such sales. I don’t know that Mr. Bennet is a better choice as he is also a member of this group but being a pragmatric soul I think it is time for a change to give someone new a try.

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  • dollyb12

    Business growth is great, but the population increase in my opinion has ruined Suffolk. Suffolk used to be a peaceful place to live with a country setting. Now, it is filled with dangerously inadequate roads, way too much traffic on these 2-lane roads, a school on every major artery in and out of my neighborhood, and poor to no drainage. My husband and I don’t feel even close to being better off now than we were 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago.

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  • Sea

    Then why does the mil rate keep going up?

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