Suffolk business owner Maurice Dennis had this sign made after aluminum and other items were stolen from his property. Each day, he stakes it in the ground beside Godwin Boulevard, bringing it in at night, lest it be stolen as well, he says.

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After theft, a sign of anger

Published 10:18pm Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Every morning, Suffolk business owner Maurice Dennis stakes into the ground a sign with a very pointed message.

At the end of every day, he pulls it up from the roadside outside his offices at 4433 Godwin Blvd. and takes it back inside.

The sign reads, with punctuation added for clarity: “Low Life. You stole from the Cub Scouts. ‘AK’ will welcome you back.”

Dennis said he takes the sign inside because the “lowlife” might add his sign to the two truck-loads of aluminum and the copper wire, generator and floor jack he, she or they have already plundered.

The thefts occurred around Aug. 22 while Dennis was away. He said a shipping container was broken into during the crime.

Thefts of scrap metal are common in and around Suffolk, city spokeswoman Diana Klink wrote in an email.

“Individuals steal scrap metal, copper and aluminum and sell the items to scrap yards,” she wrote, valuing the aluminum stolen from Dennis at $100 and adding that the generator was recovered in a nearby tree line.

While the investigation of the theft against Dennis has stalled, with no leads or suspects, Suffolk Police Department has successfully prosecuted such cases when stolen items could be identified before being crushed at the scrap yard, and when offenders were caught in the act, Klink wrote.

She advised citizens to ensure the security of their items, install security lights, and report to police any suspicious people or neighborhood activity.

Dennis said he had been collecting the aluminum with his grandson over a number of years for a Cub Scout project. “There was a huge pile in the back of the building,” he said.

He said he had the sign made right after the theft occurred, adding, “I was rather disgusted and didn’t know what to do, so I had a sign made and put it up there.

“I put it up every day and take it down at night, because they might just pull the sign up and steal that to.”

Dennis would not comment on what he means by the last line of his sign. Klink wrote, “The police department will speak with the victim regarding the sign that he has posted and discuss any concerns that he may have regarding the incident.”

Dennis said he was quick to contact police after learning of the theft, and is hopeful they can “track the lowlife down.”


  • Mildred

    I support Mr Dennis.

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  • MrJiggyFly

    I know this has been lost on many, but this is the United States of America and there is the 2nd Amendment. Mr. Dennis has every right to protect his property. With that said, I hope Mr. Dennis will let the Police do their job. I hope he doesn’t do something hastily that will haunt him for the rest of his life. The dumb part is Mr. Dennis is advertising to the world that he owns a weapon.

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    • SANSR

      I am not sure I fully concur with the last sentence of your post. Is it any different than posting a sign on your property that states ‘Beware of dog’, or perhaps, ‘Protected by ADT’, or some other type of advertised deterrent? Granted, the ultimate effectiveness of any of those signage warnings are only as good as the perceived threat that they present. The homeowner / business owner / property owner is well within his or her right to back it up with our 2nd Amendment right. On that assumption, I fully concur with the basis of your complete post. I hope the authorities will find this lowlife. On a brighter note, I challenge all who have read the article to look around their own property and let’s see if we can replenish some of the scrap metal for the Cub Scouts. I already know I have some old garden tools that can be donated. They are obviously not aluminum or copper, but even iron and steel will convert to dollars and cents.

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      • MrJiggyFly

        That is a good idea SANSR about the public checking to see if they have any unwanted/unused metal that could be donated.

        In reference to my last sentence, I have never understood why someone would want to advertise that they are armed or own a weapon. “Beware of Dog” and “Protected by ADT” are typical and not considered that unusual of a statement. “AK will welcome you back” is not very common, serves no purpose and invites unnecessary attention. See second to last paragraph. I probably should have used the word “interesting” instead of “dumb”.

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