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Always asking for blood

Published 9:35pm Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sometimes it seems the American Red Cross is always asking for blood.

Just like clockwork, and with the wind barely having died, the organization put out a call earlier this week for people across the nation to step in and donate blood to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Among those victims, according to the press release, were more than 300 Red Cross blood drives along the East Coast that had to be canceled because of the Hurricane Sandy and the superstorm she became. The cancellations have resulted in a shortage of about 9,000 units of blood and platelets so far, officials said in a press release announcing the need for other Americans to roll up their sleeves and help out the cause.

It’s important to note that a big part of the need that has developed is a function of those 300 blood drives having been cancelled. In other words, the Red Cross is asking for blood to replace the blood that it didn’t get in drives that were already scheduled as a result of the organization’s having already asked for blood.

Sometimes it seems the American Red Cross is always asking for blood.

That’s because it is. Human blood and blood products are curiously renewable resources, but they can be obtained nowhere except from humans. And as long as people find themselves in the hospital because of disasters like Superstorm Sandy, or even in routine events like surgery, the supply of donated blood will be precious.

So if it seems the American Red Cross is always asking for blood, maybe that’s a sign that you should be donating. There are many opportunities to do so right here in Suffolk. And you never know whose life you’ll save by doing so. For more information about donating blood, visit www.redcrossblood.org.


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