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Student accused of bringing knife to school

Published 11:15pm Monday, January 7, 2013

A John Yeates Middle School eighth-grader has been recommended for expulsion after allegedly bringing a knife to school on Friday.

The student had the knife inside his book bag, according what was reported to Suffolk police between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., city spokeswoman Diana Klink wrote in an email.

After the boy was “removed from the classroom without incident,” an administrator found a silver metal knife inside his book bag, Klink wrote. The boy said he’d “brought the knife to school to show his friend.”

No students were threatened during the incident, and no injuries occurred, Klink added.

School district spokeswoman Bethanne Bradshaw confirmed that the eighth-grader has been recommended for expulsion.

  • dollyb12

    What is with this urge to bring knives, etc., to school to show your buddy? Is that supposed to impress somebody? This student just happened to get caught…how many more students are out there carrying weapons and are just not getting caught? Maybe it’s time for schools to install security measures like the courts and airports have, starting with metal detectors.

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  • lovehermadison2

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