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What’s the matter?

Published 8:07pm Saturday, January 19, 2013

When out on the road there arose such a clatter,

I sprang outside to see what was the matter.

There’s little to see this sunny morn,

I laugh at the world with a bit of scorn.

Those ice scrapers galore,

Do shatter my snore.

The “blizzard” that came —

I guess those noisemakers we cannot blame.

The windshields are covered,

And with a bit of snow and ice are smothered.

We got but a mere inch,

Guess it will do in a pinch.

The sidewalk still visible,

No damage — we’re not liable.

The school kids are sad,

They’d hoped it would be bad.

The two-hour delay,

They should belay.

The day will be nice.

It will disappear, that ice.

Oh, well. Winter’s not over,

’Til Ma Nature says it’s over.

Bill Rogers

  • MrJiggyFly

    Don’t quit your day job Mr. Rogers. Thanks SNH for just tricking me into wasting thirty seconds I’ll never get back.

    Suggest Removal

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