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Train horn malfunctioned Monday

Published 7:54pm Monday, January 28, 2013

A CSX train horn malfunctioning near Kenyon Road had residents over much of the city covering their ears on Monday evening.

A train horn went haywire for nearly three hours, prompting the city to summon CSX repair crews to the scene. However, according to Suffolk News-Herald readers reporting on Facebook, it stopped around 8:30 p.m.

The haywire horn was on an unmanned CSX train that is tied down on the tracks near a side road of Kenyon Road, according to city spokeswoman Diana Klink. It has been malfunctioning since about 5:45 p.m., she added.

Traffic is not impacted, she said.

  • bfhirsch34

    Those train tracks along Olde Mill Creek carried a 5 or 6 car train once or twice a day (Monday through Friday) for the first eight/nine years of living there. It has only been the last 2/3 years the long 8 to 10 minute trains past by and blow that horn four times before crossing the main entrance. The City Of Suffolk did not apply for the funding in time to make the trains path a quite zone and therefore we have the horrid noise and the plumetting home values. So yes, I can blame the CITY

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  • Lovebug

    Seriously things happen. You can’t point a finger at a group of people for a horn malfunction. I live VERY close to these train tracks at Olde Mill Creek and the reason we didn’t purchase a home in Olde Mill Creek when the subdivision was built was because of the train tracks and the fact that where there are tracks there will be trains and noise from the trains. We all make our own decisions and those tracks didn’t just pop up out of no where they have been there and were there when people purchased homes near the tracks. At times when its very quiet outside we hear the trains but we also choose to purchase our house. Can’t blame the City or the Railroad for our choices.

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  • bfhirsch34

    The same train horn that gets sounded every time it passes the entrance to Olde Mill Creek subdivision and others through out the city. The same horn that has made homes along Olde Mill Creek and Mill Wood Way worthless.
    You can’t give away these houses. Thanks again to the city leaders that did not apply for grant money in time to make our city quite zones along the trains path.

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  • MrJiggyFly

    The horn was sounding for 3 hours? Opportunity knocks! Why wasn’t the Mobile Command Center fired up and rolling? No way the tires could have dryrotted that quick.

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  • am

    Wow, it will be a difficult night to try and sleep for some folks.

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