An artist’s impression of the Kroger Marketplace that is coming to North Suffolk’s Hampton Roads Crossing. It will be only the second such store in Hampton Roads.

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Kroger coming to N. Suffolk

Published 8:40pm Tuesday, January 29, 2013

North Suffolk will be getting the region’s second Kroger Marketplace after the company announced plans to build one of the hybrid grocery stores at Hampton Roads Crossing, off College Drive in the Harbour View area.

The 123,000-square-feet store will combine a grocery store with 30,000 square feet of non-grocery retail space selling furniture, home décor, appliances, storage needs, kitchenware, office supplies and toys, a city news release says.

“Since first entering the market 10 years ago, we’ve learned a lot from the community and what our customers look for in a grocer,” stated Jay Cummins, Kroger’s Mid-Atlantic president.

“Suffolk deserves a top-quality grocery experience, and that includes local products, home goods, clean stores, low prices, and, of course, exceptional customer service.”

John Peterson III, senior vice president of Hampton Roads Crossing developer Terry Peterson Residential Companies, noted that the region’s only other Kroger Marketplace is in the early stages of construction off Holland Road in Virginia Beach. The next closest is in Richmond, he added.

Though the city release stated that work on the store is expected to begin in July, Peterson said that before it can go ahead, a rezoning application would likely be dealt with at February’s Planning Commission meeting.

“It’s just a matter of changing some small site details,” he said. “We are expecting the Planning Commission and City Council will understand the positives of Kroger Marketplace and will work with the company.”

Kroger’s announcement is on the heels of an up-tick in residential interest at the mixed-use development as the house market continues to recover, according to Peterson.

Florida-based Bain-bridge Companies has broken ground on 216 apartments after purchasing last August, for just under $10.4 million, about 10.6 acres from Terry Peterson Residential Companies imprint Terry/Peterson Residential 30.

“They are proceeding forward,” Peterson said, adding that his own company’s residential component is “selling pretty well, just like a lot of projects now in Hampton Roads.”

“We’re seeing the positive effects of the housing rebound,” he added.

Peterson hopes the Kroger Marketplace announcement will draw out more new tenants, with about 150,000 square feet of retail remaining to be leased.

“I think that the Kroger is certainly going to be a catalyst and anchor for the balance of retail shops,” he said.

“We’re looking to attract other tenants that can both fill the rest of the shopping center … as well as some smaller parcels along College Drive. … Those small pieces of land (along College Drive) we would sell.”

Suffolk Mayor Linda T. Johnson said the Harbour View area is “an expanding shopping and entertainment destination in the Hampton Roads region. We are excited to welcome the Kroger Marketplace to our growing city.”


    DT Suffolk could build a Trader Joe’s or Harris Teeter where the old Lowes was or where the old Obici hOSPITAL was. That would be awesome or the people in DT & south Suffolk. My money is just as green as those who live in north Suffolk; last time I checked, I also pay TAXES!

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  • Mary1

    Guess someone in Northern Suffolk doesn’t want to have to drive to the southern part of the city to go to Kroger-so just build one where it is convenient-forget about the rest of us!

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  • Kyliesmimi

    Is the real estate in the southern part of Suffolk too high and nobody wants to buy? Such a waste of space…so many people live in this area and have to go to Chesapeake and Newport News to shop. A big waste! …and either knock down the old Lowe’s or sell it…huge eyesore!

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    • MrJiggyFly

      The big box stores have a stable of MBAs/marketing gurus that look at demographics (pop., avg income, crime rate), utilitis (water & sewer), convenience to the interstate system, etc. and the proximity of competing stores. Quality retail and other services will be found around quality housing and demographics. The truth hurts sometimes.

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  • Kyliesmimi

    Why not in the downtown Suffolk area? All we have is a Food Lion and WalMart (second rate stores). Why does everything have to be in northern Suffolk? Do you not realize that some of us have to travel a half an hour to go there! Not counting the traffic that is! I’ve lived here for 4 1/2 years and nothing new has been built, but a strip mall (useless), and Burger King (again, useless)…oh yea a Panera (which will be nice if they ever have enough people to work there)! When we bought our new house…we were told a Target was going right there on Godwin…where? I can’t find it!

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    • 180Grain

      We also have a Farm Fresh which is a very nice store. The new Panera Bread is now open. Downtown is improving, a little slowly maybe. The area around the train station looks good. Also, the farmer’s market on the corner is excellent and the people are very friendly. Amici’s has wine tastings once a month. I’ve been twice with my wife; it’s fun and the people are very friendly. There’s a new wine store which also has events.

      There are many positive things going on downtown.

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  • Donald

    Still waiting on the “Big Box” store in the downtown area. I guess certain City Council Members and the Mayor have no real estate to sell in this area….. Just remember that the more we continue to build in the far north the more tax revenue that is lost as we and NC shoppers continue to head to closer Chesapeake stores – It is a simple mileage fact!!!

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  • llz

    Once again Downtown Suffolk gets nothing!

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    Keep bring the good news stories Kevin and staff.GREAT WORK!

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    • TravelinJack

      That was a great article about Kevin and his accomplishments as Economic Director. Too many accolades are directed in one direction and not enough in other (Eco. Dev. Office). Available land, proximity to the interstate system, low interest rates/strong employment during the first decade of this century led to Suffolk’s growth, not the CM or CC.

      I wonder if the Kroger people understand they are putting the store on the wrong side of I-664? The Food Lion plaza needs a security guard 24-7. Don’t confuse that side of the highway as part of Harbor View. It’s not. It’s the Burbage Grant area. There is a difference.

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      • dollyb12

        Exactly, TravelinJack. I’ve never stepped into the Food Lion after looking the area over and reading the crime reports. They have cleaned up the area compared to what it looked like 10 years ago, but they are building too much mixed-use in the neighborhood. While I am excited to see that Kroger is coming to Suffolk, it will be in a bad location and much too close to the Kroger on High Street in Chesapeake/Portsmouth. Why didn’t they select a location on Main Street or Godwin or Pruden Blvd? Vote out those who keep making the same mistakes over and over.

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      • Lovebug

        There is NO ONE to vote out when it comes to where the Management of Kroger wants to put one of their stores. City Council and the CM don’t go to these companies and ask them to build in certain areas the companies put their stores where they want and where they feel the most money will be earned.

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      • ANewCreation

        The Burbage Grant area is not a favorite of mine either because of the crime. However, have you noticed the crime reports on Main St./Godwin St or Pruden Blvd. they are no safe haven either! In the end the Kroger store is built where the OWNERS want.

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