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Jones’ leadership appreciated

Published 10:45pm Thursday, February 28, 2013

To the editor:

Once again Delegate Chris Jones (R-76th) has risen above the level of partisan politics and provided leadership that is important to Virginia. He is to be congratulated for his efforts on working to put together the transportation bill and get it approved by the General Assembly.

While I’m sure not everyone agrees with all that’s in the bill, the need was tremendous that someone provide leadership and get something done for Virginia’s roads and highways.

It was evident that this leadership was not forthcoming from those who are controlled by right-wing no-revenue politics and aspirations for national office.

Passage of this bill was critical for the future economy of Virginia, because businesses have to get their people to work and their goods and services to market for the economy to thrive. We were approaching deteriorated roads and gridlock.

Those politicians in Washington should stand-up and take note of the “Virginia Way” of politicians rising to do the job for the people who elected them and not for the special-interest lobbyists who fund their campaigns.

Congratulation Chris, and keep up the good work. You make all of us proud you are from Suffolk.

Robert W. Harrell



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