Man shot: Suffolk investigators work the case of a man found dead near the main road in the Burbage Grant neighborhood, near the intersection of Respass Beach Road and Burbage Drive. (Tracy Agnew/Suffolk News-Herald)
Man shot: Suffolk investigators work the case of a man found dead near the main road in the Burbage Grant neighborhood, near the intersection of Respass Beach Road and Burbage Drive. (Tracy Agnew/Suffolk News-Herald)

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College Square man shot dead

Published 1:23pm Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Neighbors near the scene of a body found near the sidewalk in Burbage Grant were surprised at the incident happening so close to their neighborhood.

Antonio Boone, 20, of the 6000 block of Brookwood Drive in College Square, was found dead just before noon Tuesday. Initial calls to emergency dispatchers reported gunshots fired, and Boone was suffering from gunshot wounds, city spokeswoman Debbie George said.

The city labeled the death “undetermined” throughout the day.

One motorist near the scene reacted with horror when told what she assumed had been a pedestrian hit by a car was actually a shooting.

“In this neighborhood?” she asked.

The sidewalk where the man was found is a highly trafficked one used by residents for exercise and enjoyment. One neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said her son walks the dog there every day after school.

Speaking as police officers were interviewing neighbors nearby, the woman said her husband heard four shots when he was in the back of their house, closer to the scene.

He called to her in the front of the house asking if she heard it, and she said no. But they soon discovered something had happened.

The woman has one child at the nearby Northern Shores Elementary School, which went into lockdown after the shooting. The school called twice with a recorded message to let parents know students were safe, the woman said.

Another parent, who did not want to be identified, said the school “handled it very well.” She said she received calls on her home phone and mobile phone, as well as a text message and an email.

“Definitely, communication was excellent,” she said.

The mother said her kids thought the situation had been merely a drill.

“They didn’t seem to know what happened at all or seem traumatized at all,” the mother said. “I think that’s good on the school they didn’t say too much.”

Principal Tara Moore sent a letter home with students, telling parents that students and staff had not been allowed to leave the main building. Classes in mobile units had been escorted into the main building and remained there for the rest of the day. Police officers swept the school grounds for any threats and remained on site for the rest of the day, she wrote.

“We appreciate the manner in which the police, and our students and staff responded during this situation,” she wrote.

Traffic along Respass Beach Road, including school buses, was routed through the neighborhood for most of the afternoon as investigators continued their work.

Anyone who has information is asked to call Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP. Callers to Crime Line never have to give their names or appear in court, and may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.

  • John Doe

    Let’s not confuse the entire Burbage Grant area, with this incident. These “wannabe thugs” are coming from the condos/apartments or whatever you want to call them. This is a problem that our city leaders have not yet learned from. They want more “mixed” communities. If you mix lower income homes, with middle class and upper class, any neighborhood will suffer. You are simply putting more families at risk by doing this. College Square should be torn down and built to suite the area. Furthermore, our judicial system needs to punish these types of crimes/criminals (gang related) to fullest extent of the law. Our police department does an outstanding job with their gang task force. But they can only arrest them. They can’t keep them in jail. Only the courts can. This type of crime needs no jail time. “Do unto others”. That sums that up!!

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    • Lovebug

      John Doe, While your statement regarding College Sq is correct what you also needed to add is this. The ongoing issue in these two areas have been you have “gang” members in college Sq that are clashing with “gang” member of a different gang in Burbage Grant. When a member from one area comes into the area of another such as a member from college sq ventures over to Burbage grant they are asking for trouble. This young man found it necessary to be in Burbage Grant during the day and carried a gun. The question to ask yourself is this….if he knows there is a chance of the Police stopping him to see what hes doing which they do often because of the ongoing gang issues then why would he be packing his gun? Seems to me that he was looking for his trouble and it came right to him.

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  • suffolklady

    I am sorry that this happened, but I don’t understand why everyone is so surprised that it happened in Burbage Grant. It is well-known that there are gang issues between Burbage Grant and College Square. I don’t consider this a “safe” area, personally.

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  • snhreader

    Very typical of Suffolk, which controls the flow of information through its Chief of Staff and her subordinates, to play the media by calling this an “undetermined death.” Clearly, it has been determined that a man was shot and died as a result. That is a homicide.

    Suffolk will “determine” that this was a homicide/murder after the media has forgotten the story in order to protect the reputation of Burbage Grant/Harbour View.

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    • Lovebug

      You seem to be very unaware how the information flows to the media and when. The officers that were present on the scene knew he was shot in the head, the Chief of Staff also knew however, other fact findings must take place before certain information is released to the media. In no way was anyone trying to cover anything infact our city leaders have put measures in place through the police department to keep the gang issues in that area under control as much as possible. The stats speak loud and clear so I’m not real sure why you are suggesting that anyone is trying to protect a reputation that has been there for years and was much worse at one point and time.

      Theres alot more to a death with NO witnesses even when there is a gun shot to the head.

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      • snhreader

        Obviously, you are connected to public safety, as you have stated several things that have not been reported, such as the layout of gang activity in the area and that the “victim” was carrying a gun. I think Suffolk has excellent public safety departments and I didn’t say that there was a cover-up.

        My main point was that Suffolk controls the flow of information by having 1 mouthpiece for every department (except for Schools). Other cities utilize a member of the particular department to act as a spokesperson for said department. Do you object?

        My main issue is spin, not lies. The City of Suffolk initially acted like the body dropped out of the sky. It was also unreported that the school was on code red lockdown for over an hour. I do not dispute that it was necessary, but if there is the threat of a gunman/murderer in the area, don’t treat the citizens like they lack common sense.

        Additionally, I will say that I am impressed that they labeled it a homicide as early as the next day.

        I don’t feel that I am totally off the reservation. People get very bent of out shape about language. See: Obama-Benghazi.

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      • Lovebug

        The lay out of Gang activity in that area has been known for many a year now. There is even a map that has been shown during gang awarness classes given throughout the city every year. I think we all need to remember that during times like this information is slow getting out for several reasons and also alot of information doesn’t need to go out before family members know. They always need to get further into the investigation before they give the information that needs to go out to the public. For the schools, at the time there was no threat to the school. The school system made the decision to lock it down just as a safety measure. There was no danger lurking for anyone in that area after the shooting took place. She shooter and his ride left the entire area of burbage grant. Our police Dept and its officers do what it takes to keep us all safe when they see the need. There was no need that day because no one was in danger “after” the shooting.

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  • Lovebug

    When you play with drugs and carry a gun around with you in the middle of the day your asking for this kind of death. I feel for this young mans family…..

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    No pic yet, but unfortunately it’s probably another young black male that lost his life over something stupid.

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