Police Chief Thomas Bennett, left, presents the Officer of the Year Award and the Medal of Valor to Officer James Winslow during a police department awards ceremony Thursday evening. Winslow was brutally assaulted after a traffic stop in May.
Police Chief Thomas Bennett, left, presents the Officer of the Year Award and the Medal of Valor to Officer James Winslow during a police department awards ceremony Thursday evening. Winslow was brutally assaulted after a traffic stop in May.

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Officer of the Year

Published 10:29pm Thursday, March 28, 2013

Recovering officer also receives Medal of Valor

Suffolk Police Officer James Winslow, who was seriously injured in a brutal attack by a convicted felon last May, received the Officer of the Year Award and the Medal of Valor during a police department ceremony Thursday evening.

Nearly 100 other awards were presented for departmental commendations, noteworthy performance, lifesaving, community service and others. But Winslow was the only one who received a standing ovation from those in attendance.

Winslow was attacked during a foot chase on May 19, after he had pulled over the felon driving a stolen vehicle on Nansemond Parkway. He later spent more than two weeks in the hospital and has undergone multiple surgeries to recover from his injuries.

During the attack, Chief of Police Thomas Bennett pointed out Thursday, the offender had tried to grab Winslow’s firearm but was unsuccessful because Winslow protected the gun rather than himself, thereby suffering worse injuries.

“Because he protected his firearm, other officers were not hurt or killed during the manhunt,” Bennett said.

Bennett also announced that Winslow has recently returned to work on light duty in the criminal intelligence unit.

“We’re very happy to see him around headquarters every day,” Bennett said. “He’s smiling a lot, and so are we.”

Several awards went to dispatchers, police officers and supervisors who kept their cool in the aftermath of the attack to help coordinate the medical response and bring the criminal to justice.

“Today brings back a lot of emotions,” said Delegate S. Chris Jones, Winslow’s uncle and a spokesman for the family. “To hear how everyone came together that morning — it just gives you comfort to know we have such professional men and women protecting us as we go about our daily lives.”

Other awards given included the following:

Supervisor of the Year — Sgt. Jesse Epperson

Emergency Communications Operator of the Year — ECO Tracy Pierce

Police Officers of the Quarter — Officer Jennifer Pond for the First Quarter, Officer James Winslow for the Second Quarter, Detective Cheryl Balzer for the Third Quarter and Officer Antonio Diggs for the Fourth Quarter

Life Saving Award — Detective Sgt. Alfred Chandler, Detective Jeffrey Lurie, Officer Khandi Skiba

Community Service Award — Capt. John Brooks, Sgt. Herman Kee, Officer Antonio Diggs, Detective Cheryl Balzer, PRT Arvis Hall, Capt. Steve Patterson

Department Commendation — Sgt. Quinn Beers, Detective Sgt. Alfred Chandler, Sgt. Fred Cunningham, Sgt. Herman Kee, MPO Gary Parker, MPO Tyson Wild, SPO Tyron Langston, Detective Cheryl Balzer, Detective David Burke, Investigator Kevin Dodson, Investigator Wallace Weatherly, Officer Mary Cobb, Officer Nicholas Gasparini, Officer Lamont Greer, Officer Brian Hearn, Officer Michael Holman, Officer Khandi Johnson, Officer Ryan Linville, Officer Clifton Sessoms, Officer Darnicia Smith, Officer Brandon Upton

Noteworthy Performance Award — Sgt. Lance Callis, Sgt. Tyrell Champagne, Sgt. Fred Cunningham, Sgt. Isaac Lopez, Sgt. Timothy Smith, MPO Kevin Dodson, MPO Thomas Cain, MPO Jason Carr, MPO David Chipman, MPO Danny Jordan, MPO Duffie McLamb, MPO Andre Weaver, MPO David White, MPO Jasper Whitehead, SPO Paul Hutta, SPO Tyron Langston, Detective David Burke, Detective Rachel Cardwell, Detective Christopher Scherer, Investigator Jason Lyons, Investigator Wallace Weatherly, Officer Robert Fahrman, Officer Andrew Fenneman, Officer Brian Hearn, Officer Adam Hutton, Officer Paul Helvestine, Officer Alex Johnson, Officer Benjamin Johnson, Officer Phillip Johnson, Officer Shelly Koziana, Officer Ryan Linville, Officer Matthew Moraczewski, Officer Jose Rivera, Officer James Sobers, Officer Shane Sukowski, Officer Hector Rosario, Officer Nicholas Walker, ECO Supervisor Rosaland Britt, ECO Supervisor Nicole Duncan, ECO Supervisor Del Shannon, ECO Kasandra Baker, ECO Kristal Creevey, ECO Brandi Davenport, ECO Beth Gayle, ECO Katie Grey, ECO Renita Goodwyn, ECO Gloria Harper, ECO Erin Hughes, ECO Jodi Holliman, ECO Tracy Pierce, PRT Linda Brewer

Citizen Award — Catherine Blount, Robert Friday, Tausha George, Travis George, Thomas Hall, Shante Harrell, LiGerald Jones, Stephanie Ladeutt, Deandra Powell, Marrico Simpson

  • thekytikat

    So glad to see that Officer Winslow is up and about. God bless him and all the rest on that thin blue line.

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  • mom22

    God Bless you and your family, James, and may he continue to be with you in your continued recovery…good won over evil this time!!

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  • Roger Leonard

    Thank you Chief, this was very appropreate and deserving for Officer Winslow and his family is very proud of him. I also commend the other awardees and take cafeful and thankful note of their service to our community.

    This is the very best in Suffolk, and highlights an area of proud and selfless service…

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