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A cat person at Mutt Strut

Published 2:56pm Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Full disclosure: I’m more of a cat person.

Even so, I’ve come to look forward to the Suffolk Humane Society’s Mutt Strut every year. The event raises money through a pledge walk and silent auction to help the plight of homeless animals in Suffolk, provide low-cost spay/neuter options and educate area residents on responsible pet ownership.

Mutt Strut is always a good time, whether you have a mutt to bring or not. There are plenty of vendors for pets and people, along with entertainment, fun contests like the canine costume contest and Frosty Paws eating contest and delicious food for humans being sold by a few local restaurants.

For me, half the fun comes just in seeing all the shapes, sizes and colors dogs come in. I’m especially partial to Great Danes, just because their sheer size amazes me, as well as large, long-haired dogs, because their flowing coat makes them appear more graceful than they already are.

The turnout at this Saturday’s event appeared to be better than previous years, despite the slightly chilly wind and overcast skies. It was perfect weather for the pups, so they must have dragged their people out on the leash to enjoy the day.

But possibly the best part of Mutt Strut, besides the fact that it raises money for the Suffolk Humane Society to continue its important work, is that dogs get adopted right at the event. Suffolk Animal Control adopted three dogs at this year’s event, and a number of rescues were bringing attention to their organizations ‘causes and collecting interest from potential doggie parents.

There was even a reptile rescue, Virginians Interested In Protecting Every Reptile, or VIIPER, that visited and brought a few of its adoptable animals. The organization has an important role in educating potential reptile owners of the many special needs these animals require when kept as pets. Members also educate the general public on how to identify venomous snakes, and they can assist with relocating a venomous snake if you find one on your property.

Everyone who participated in or attended Mutt Strut helped the animals in Suffolk, and if those animals could talk, they would be sure to say “Thank you.”


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