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Sounds of progress in Suffolk

Published 6:43pm Saturday, June 8, 2013

By Linda T. Johnson
Guest Columnist

As a continuation of my earlier commentary regarding our “blueprint for success” as laid out in the recent State of the City event, our housing market is another important cornerstone in the overall foundation of our city.

In regards to housing, Suffolk has a vision and a plan, and that has made a difference throughout the city. Our reputation for offering good value and selection in real estate still holds true.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, you’re looking for that “dream home,” or your focus is on a trend-setting loft in our downtown business district, we’ve got you covered. It’s obvious we’ve got a multitude of options for that discriminating buyer or for those persons seeking convenient apartment, condominium or retirement cottage lifestyles.

The recession certainly took its toll on the number of permits issued for new construction in recent years, but starting last summer the situation began to vastly improve. As a result of this growth in housing, retailers are eyeing North Suffolk, after The Bainbridge Companies, which bills itself as “a leading owner, developer and manager of luxury multi-family apartment communities in the United States,” purchased 10.6 acres in the mixed-use development of Hampton Roads Crossing.

Retailers look closely at housing markets when deciding where to expand, and our newest developments have certainly piqued their interest. In fact, it was said that, “The market recognizes that Suffolk is a path of progress.”

Progress also continues just south of downtown in the East Suffolk Gardens neighborhood off White Marsh Road, where Habitat for Humanity will be building up to 12 homes for low- to moderate-income families. These new homes will bring new hope to working, low-income families, where dreams of home ownership were out of reach previously.

Our thoughtfully laid-out plans include well-located shopping, residential, commercial and medical facilities to add to the convenience of today’s busy families.

We’re especially pleased that Monument Companies has chosen to continue to make a difference in our downtown. Just last spring they celebrated the completion of the Lofts at One Eleven, with 26 modern apartments for lease or sale and exciting commercial spaces, including the popular wine and cheese shop, C3 Vino.

Now the Monument Companies will be breathing new life into an entire city block of historical buildings along West Washington Street. This will bring approximately 68 more lofts and additional retail offerings to the eclectic downtown corridor to satisfy today’s quest for urban contemporary living.

There is a saying, “The road to success is always under construction.” Truer words were never spoken. The excitement in Suffolk is palpable. No matter where you look, freshly turned dirt and the sounds of progress are evident.

Linda T. Johnson is the mayor of Suffolk. Email her at

  • Chris


    It is no secret that your number one priority for Suffolk is real-estate development. Charles Parr was no doubt very pleased council rezoned his building on West Washington Street for 26 modern apartments that have no parking available. It is also no secret that schools are low on your priority list. Elephant’s Fork Elementary that serves the new apartments already has 663 students yet the Comprehensive Plan calls for a maximum of 490 students.

    A person only has to look at the empty lots in Pitchkettle Farms, Heron’s Point, Center 800, Prentis Place, and the Seasons on Lake Meade to see that a shortage of real-estate is not an issue in central Suffolk. The same person only has to look at the number of students enrolled in our schools compared to numbers supported by the Comprehensive Plan to see our schools are an issue.

    I am sure my fellow commuters are more than familiar with the increasing congestion on our City’s major thoroughfares. Your statement last month that RT460 was an alternate route for RT58 to the rest of Tidewater highlights your total lack of understanding of the transportation needs of our City.

    Uncontrolled growth to make money for you and your developer clients only hurts the citizens of Suffolk.

    Suggest Removal

  • dollyb12

    …and still nothing is mentioned about providing or upgrading roads in the name of road safety! I think the taxpayers of Suffolk deserve to know where the road money is.

    Suggest Removal

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