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Cuccinelli will build Virginia

Published 9:08pm Friday, July 5, 2013

To the editor:

Aristotle once said, “Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation.”

Virginians have been leaders in our nation since its inception, and we certainly are a talented state. In a world of accelerating technology, what we need is to maximize the value of that talent and to train skilled workers who can help modernize our economy to meet the world’s needs. That must be Virginia’s vocation.

Ken Cuccinelli has laid out an in-depth Workforce Investment plan to shift resources to and reward K-12 classrooms, teachers and programs that create career tracks in science, technology, engineering, math and health. His plan also strengthens STEM academics at local community colleges and vocational schools, and in particular, steps up technical training for the unemployed and veterans to help them excel in the tough global competition in technology.

Ken Cuccinelli will build Virginia’s talents to meet the needs of its workers — and the world.

Nathan Ritchie

  • Chris

    What kind of Virginia he will build concerns me. As Attorney General it is his responsibility to protect the rights of Virginians. Instead he uses his position to impose his personal moral standards on them. Instead of enforcing the law he spends his time attempting to circumvent it. Cuccinelli will build a Virginia where the rights of Virginians are curtailed to meet his standards in spite of the law.

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