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Virginia SOL test results, 2012-2013

Published 9:52pm Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Pass Rate
Pass Rate
Pass Rate
Pass Rate
English: ReadingEnd of CourseEnglish Reading9489448
English: ReadingGrade 3English Reading86723819
English: ReadingGrade 4English Reading88704118
English: ReadingGrade 5English Reading89733619
English: ReadingGrade 6English Reading89734520
English: ReadingGrade 7English Reading88744117
English: ReadingGrade 8English Reading89714412
English: WritingEnd of CourseWriting93873625
English: WritingGrade 5Writing87712122
English: WritingGrade 8Writing8870418
History/Social SciencesContent SpecificCivics & Economics84853030
History/Social SciencesEnd of CourseGeography85861412
History/Social SciencesEnd of CourseHistory84772423
History/Social SciencesGrade 3History87873535
History/Social SciencesContent SpecificUS History I81833739
History/Social SciencesContent SpecificUS History II84823435
History/Social SciencesEnd of CourseVA & US History85861314
History/Social SciencesContent SpecificVA Studies89875047
History/Social SciencesEnd of CourseWorld History I84841719
History/Social SciencesEnd of CourseWorld History II85851816
MathematicsGrade 6Mathematics74771014
MathematicsEnd of CourseAlgebra I757676
MathematicsEnd of CourseAlgebra II69761214
MathematicsEnd of CourseGeometry7476910
MathematicsGrade 4Mathematics70741722
MathematicsGrade 5Mathematics67691518
MathematicsGrade 3Mathematics64651317
+30:30Grade 7Mathematics58611010
MathematicsGrade 8Mathematics606166
ScienceEnd of CourseBiology92831811
ScienceEnd of CourseChemistry93861815
ScienceEnd of CourseEarth Science9083268
ScienceGrade 3Science90844223
ScienceGrade 5Science88752620
ScienceGrade 8Science92764213

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