Cavaliers benefit football game set

Published 11:17pm Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lakeland High School is hosting a public preseason football game Friday between the Cavaliers and Franklin High School to benefit both schools.

“It’s an opportunity see the new direction that Lakeland is taking,” said Bryan Potts, the Lakeland head coach. “This will be our last scrimmage game before we kick off (the regular season) next week against (I.C. Norcom High School).”

Lakeland activities director Gregory Rountree said the game came about because a lot of the Cavaliers players are Franklin High School players, and a strong rivalry used to exist between Suffolk and Franklin.

“The guys do a whole lot of talking, so we decided we would try to bring the rivalry back,” Rountree said.

The game begins at 7 p.m. Admission for adults is $6, and it is $4 for children, 10 and under. The proceeds will be divided evenly between the Virginia High School League, Franklin and Lakeland.

  • DCCavalier

    Just curious….

    Why does any money of the money paid for admission go to the VHSL for a scrimmage?

    Its bad enough that the folks in Charlottesville have totally blown up the old classification system rendering districts meaningless so that there can be more “regional” games that the VHSL gets their hands on, but now they want to be paid for scrimmage games too?


    Suggest Removal

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