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Pay it forward to ‘live large’ in Suffolk

Published 9:13pm Wednesday, October 9, 2013

To the editor:

I would like introduce myself.

In today’s communities, we stay to ourselves, turn our heads as we see others struggle and look at the floor to avoid eye contact. Is this really working for us?

I don’t think so!

I always walk with a smile and my head held high, saying “Hi!” to all I pass. I will give a few cents to the person in front of me in line if they are short. If I have a cart full and the person behind me has just a few items, I let them go ahead of me.

I am not wealthy, but I am rich in something more valuable than money — happiness and self-worth. Common courtesy and respect shown and shared is all it takes to live well and happy. Pay it forward and you will be living large.

So how and where do we start?

Today as you move though your day, wear a smile and try saying hello. At the end of your day, take a moment to reflect on how people received you and your smiling hello. Now reflect on how you feel — better than yesterday?

If so, congratulations, you’ve just taken the first step toward a better community and a happier, healthier life. Please send me you thoughts and concerns. We can make our communities better together — one day, one issue at a time.

Kathleen Kerschl


  • So What

    its all about ones personal choices

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  • 4ever cynical

    What a nice sentiment! I wish we could be more civil to each other. I’m willing to be polite and respectful to almost anyone. I really like most of my fellow citizens and neighbors. In fact, with the limited exception of our poor choices in elected and appointed city ‘leaders’ (city council, mayor and city manager), this is otherwise a nice, pleasant community.. Thanks for the reminder that we cannot control all facets of our lives, but we don’t have to take that frustration out on others who are affected by the same hardships.

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