Driver Days brought out a large crowd Saturday. The annual village fall festival continues Sunday between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Driver Days brought out a large crowd Saturday. The annual village fall festival continues Sunday between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Fun at Driver Days

Published 7:57pm Saturday, October 19, 2013

Driver’s annual fall festival got off to a promising start Saturday morning, with a healthy turnout of people enjoying a host of attractions.

2013 is the 20th anniversary of the festival, and people flocked to the Kings Highway location, where the fun continues Sunday, for food vans, craft stalls, children’s games and much more.

The car show turned heads with a large collection of antique and vintage vehicles, live music on the stage added to the festive atmosphere, and the parade heightened community spirit.

J.C. Goodwin, attending the festival with his family from Charlottesville, said they were visiting relatives when they decided to check it out.

“They (the relatives) told us about it,” he said. “It’s a great little community event.”

Others didn’t travel quite as far. Lori White said, “We live across the road; we are here every year.

“It brings exposure to Driver, and it’s an opportunity for the community to come together as well.”

Debbie Lauver was in the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters North Suffolk Circle tent with Sis Lauver and other volunteers. The group was able to reach a lot of folks with its presence at the festival, she said.

“We always look for new members, and everything we do goes to CHKD,” she said. “Most of us live in this community.”

Folks who missed the Saturday of Driver Days can attend Sunday between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. While parking costs $5, entry into the event is free.

  • Lovebug

    Lots and lots of money raised for CHKD. So very proud to have my own health and be able to help raise money for those who do not.

    I was happy to see the Command Center at Driver Days as well. Glad to see the Chief pushing for things to help make the officers jobs easier, and more efficient in times that its needed. Nothing worse than being unprepared…….

    Suggest Removal

    • Savannah

      Nothing worse than being unprepared…….

      It’s never been used, and likely will not be used outside of county faire type events.

      And there is something worse. It’s called waste.

      Suggest Removal

      • Lovebug

        Who exactly has told you it has never been used? Its a waste if its never been or never will be used but thats not the case. I’m not sure who is feeding you the information you have but its wrong. It has been used for Police related business other than fairs it has not been used for a major event yet because Suffolk nor a surrounding City has had one but when it comes about this Command Bus will be used just as other Cities who own one use theirs.

        I really don’t understand where people are getting their “it isn’t being used” information from. When was the last time an officer used a Taser? Do we have a count? How many search warrants are done by the narcotics unit or the SWAT Team in this City? Because you don’t hear of them do you feel they aren’t happening? You are not going to know all that is being done and the court docket nor the news is going to tell you.

        Suggest Removal

      • Savannah

        Okay, LB, you tell us when the latest actual use of this thing was other than public relations and perhaps a mock emergency drill? It hasn’t. Suffolk isn’t special in that we have barricade and hostage situations kept so far down on the radar no one ever hears about it.

        I found this ( ) article touting it’s cost of $656,000 and the fact that if there is an emergency, it’ll be available, but from my searches, that is yet to happen.

        Oh, here is an article from SNH as well:

        When almost $700k is spent it should be used for more than “Look here guyz! I haz shiny toy!”

        I’m not going to argue with your defense of wasted police funds anymore. It’s circular, so unless you have some new info other than than the MIB defense, I’m over it.

        Suggest Removal

  • Savannah

    Suffolk Police Mobile Command Center was in attendance.

    My husband works with the Mobile Command Center for the shipyard quite often, you know, the one that responds to emergencies related to spills, etc. He looked at the one Suffolk has and noted it’s better than the one the government has. 2 satellite dishes even. Sweet. I hope it gets good use besides being parked at Peanut Fest and Driver Days,but I guess we know it doesn’t and that’s ridiculous.

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