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Pond’s actions ‘offensive and unprofessional’

Published 8:30pm Thursday, October 31, 2013

To the editor:

Earlier this school year, sheriff candidate Jen Pond mailed campaign messages to the parents of students who attend the same school as her daughters. The message said they were honored to attend school with my son. My son does not know Ms. Pond’s daughters, and I found this tactic deceitful, offensive and unprofessional.

Ms. Pond quit the Suffolk Police Department twice. The second time she quit, she left all her equipment in her police car and emailed a letter of resignation to the chief. This conduct, likewise, was offensive and unprofessional. Moreover, she said she would handle the situation the same way if she had a chance to do it over. I cannot fathom someone like this being the sheriff.

Also, if you look at her campaign expenses, she has made large donations to several African-American churches. Is she trying to buy their vote? And she says she has integrity. Get real.

Unlike her, Sheriff Raleigh Isaacs Sr. is a true professional. He is experienced, knowledgeable and intelligent. Above all, his honesty is beyond reproach. His employees are experienced, competent and personable. His office has almost no turnover. Clearly Sheriff Isaacs is a true leader.

During his tenure, Sheriff Isaacs has saved taxpayers $7 million by using certified, retired state and local police officers on a part-time basis, thereby reducing the cost to the taxpayers for training, fringe benefits and full-time salaries.

He is also responsible for helping the Western Tidewater Regional Jail retain $2.3 million annually for keeping federal inmates who otherwise were going to be sent to other jails. Without the federal inmates, we would have had to make up the shortfall.

Sheriff Isaacs has been endorsed by the Virginian-Pilot, the Suffolk Professional Firefighters Association, the Suffolk Police Officers Association and all of Suffolk’s elected constitutional officers. Please join us in voting for Sheriff Raleigh H. Isaacs Sr. on Tuesday.

Jeff James


Jeff James is a prosecutor in the Suffolk Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office.

  • Chris

    Mr. James,
    Just because someone says something with numbers in it does not make it so. $7 million dollars is a lot of money especially when budget records indicate that the total expenditures for the same costs for all full time sheriff employees for the same period were $5.2 million. The same records indicate the total budget for the sheriff’s office for the past 19 years was approximately $35 million. I for one would like to see the numbers behind the sheriff’s claim. The budget numbers indicated is highly improbable that the savings were anywhere near $7 million.

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  • petemalone

    Nicely stated Mr. James. I too am offended that Pond has used avenues to communicate her candidacy which are unprofessional and inconsiderate. Shame on her for bothering our children with her political rhetoric. By the way how did she get these children’s addresses? As for her campaign expense report…your point is right on target with the numerous contributions to African American churches. I hope she continues to support all of these churches after the or lose. I will say that if I were a contributor to her campaign, I am not sure I would like how she used the money…but I did not contribute to her campaign. She has shown that she lacks integrity with the way she left the SPD and states she “would do it the same way again”, so she is even too proud to admit that she made a mistake. Finally, she wants to compare SOP manuals between SPD and Suffolk Sheriff’s Office—and she relates the size of the manual states that there are more policies, practices and procedures…yet this is the same police department she deserted, not to mention there is a huge difference in the number of officers, precincts and administrators at SPD which would require a “bigger manual”. I will be joining you on Tuesday in voting for Sheriff Isaacs.

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  • So What

    LOL @ 4 EVER… Loved that
    intergrity is just a word that politicans know and use like honor and character. when an oath is involved but are forgotten behind the scenes and closed doors.Law enforcement should be blind to politics but sadly its not and Suffolk is no different that Dee Cee a sheriff a CA takes an oath to uphold the law as it is on the books, not to select laws they agree or disagree with. due to political affliction, professional or social association. whether its a criminal or civil matter and I think that a 50 Year career Has been possibly been influenced by those elements and the oath to protect and serve is not fully honored when considering the community as a whole and a change now after all these years would disrupt the good ole boy network that has existed before the days of being elected sheriff. as Mrs Pond stated its not about protecting the blue. Maybe she felt the most professional way to leave the PD when she did was best as to avoid a situation that might have not been pleasant for the parties involved and cooler heads, hers prevailed. I call that Professional, so she wrote letter to parents, what’S the difference between that and going and attending shrimp fests< crab fests etc etc standing around drinking a few cold ones hand having a few laughs and chuckles with the boys there or at the Elks club? that complaint about the letter writing is weak at best.but its ok to have kids play hoops and to sponsor that and end up being questioned on fund raising? I don't recall all the facts but there were some questions about that activity. those were legal questions and yet one thinks Mrs ponds were offensive and unprofessional. and the sheriff was found to be innocent of any criminal intent or act so we come back to intergrity.and to come into the present time the problems involving his son which have been an ongoing thing and maybe not dealt with in a timely and professional way because of name association only down at Market Street. The sheriff had to think why me? when those problems began. He must have felt pain for Billy Ray Cyrus as well after what that he as a dad experienced and thought when his daughter pulled her stunt. the big difference between those two dads, is one child could have killed another person or persons.

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  • 4ever cynical

    Any endorsement coming from Main Street should be taken with a grain of salt. Pot, meet Kettle.

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