Resource officer pushed at LHS

Published 10:27pm Thursday, December 12, 2013

A police investigation continues after a resource officer at Lakeland High School was pushed during one of two physical altercations Wednesday, the city reports.

School faculty and the resource officer separated two juvenile female students involved in the first altercation about 12:20 p.m., according to city spokeswoman Diana Klink.

“A short distance from this incident another physical altercation between two male students that were either friends or relatives of the aforementioned female juveniles also occurred,” she wrote in an email.

The resource officer, also joined by faculty in breaking up this second altercation, was “physically pushed” by one of the male students, Klink stated, adding the investigation is ongoing and petitions will be secured by police.

Citing the Student Code of Conduct, school district spokeswoman Bethanne Bradshaw stated that fighting and/or assault can bring a suspension of up to 10 days and an administrative hearing.

Lakeland High School administrators and the school resource officer “continue to investigate the incidents,” she added.


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