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Charter Communications asks too much

Published 9:01pm Wednesday, February 26, 2014

To the editor:

Charter Communications is nickel-and-diming us again. They now require a cable box for subscribers to watch their service on any and all televisions — even those that were bought HD- and cable-ready.

There are people who want nothing more than basic cable by means of plug and play, with no additional cost. We already know cable fees are high and seem to change with every bill.

What ever happened to basic cable?

With this new requirement from Charter, does this mean that hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and schools will require a cable box for every TV?

Edward Smith


  • softspoken1

    Wow! Smh. Thanks Jean. I didn’t think it were spouting off. Since this is a public forum we all can talk or at least should be able to. Maybe a collection might be needed to aid some since it’s such a sensitive subject. Things go up. Rabbit ears still work. It sucks that the common man is getting gouged from every angle, but I don’t think Jean71 made the decision for Charter. I isn’t know it would aid with bandwidth cuz it’s suppose to be a big issue for them now.

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  • bfhirsch34

    We now have 500 channels and only use a fraction. It use to take 2 or 3 minutes to find out there is nothing on tv, now it takes a lot longer and still nothing on TV.
    We are held hostage when it comes to cable tv and internet due to the lack of competition. It is plain to see why a lot of cable subscribers are unhooking cable and using their streaming devices to watch tv and movies.
    Can you say dinosaurs Charter?

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  • Jean71

    The reason is, that Charter is going all digital! Basic cable is analog. In the space(network space) that 1 analog channel takes up, going digital allows up to 12 digital channels or 4 HD channels or 3 3D channels.
    Or it frees up bandwidth to increase internet speeds.
    Which Charter is doing! Charter will soon be doubling residential speeds from 30mbps to 60mbps at no additional cost.

    That is the reason why STBs will be required for “Basic”. Digital transition.

    You really should do research before spouting off.

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    • jes

      Do you work for Charter? Maybe you should take a look at the effect this change is costing Charter’s customers, before you go “spouting off”. I really don’t care about the why’s this change was made. What I do care about is my bottom line. I am now being charged more for less with a basic cable subscription, as the number of channels have been reduced. Charter is very nice and allowing me 2 devices with my subscription, but now I have to pay an additional $7.00 a month if I want to use any of the TV’s I have in my home. We are considering cancelling our cable service and dusting off the HD antenna.

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