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Charter: ‘Plain, downright bull’

Published 9:00pm Wednesday, February 26, 2014

To the editor:

With the flick of a switch, Charter Communications took their customers back 40 years.

They claim to be at the forefront of communications — cable, phone and Internet — yet in the blink of an eye they went back to the dark ages.

I have outfitted my home one room at a time with state-of-the-art, flat-screen, cable-ready televisions. Now, out of the blue I have to put a box on each TV in order to get their broadcast.

That is plain, downright bull.

I am presently changing Internet providers and hooking up a new TV antenna for what I can grab out of the air. My televisions in my beautiful home now have wires hanging out and boxes sticking out from behind, wedged between the wall and the TV.

This is criminal. Charter Communications should be ashamed of itself! I sincerely hope everyone in this area drops their service. I certainly am.

Julien Johnson


  • Roger Leonard


    You are correct in both your statement and your strategies! I am appalled at how Charter has once again worked their weasely ways via a monopoly, to take advantage of all in Suffolk. In addition to service changes to other outlets like DIRECTV and Dish, we all as citizens need to question our Mayor and Council as to the value to the public of the franchise with Charter. This franchise allows Charter to use public right-of-ways (our property) to deliver their services to us at outrageous cost.

    Tuesday, I called a member of Council and vented my spleen and frustrations that this was another money grab and hoped he would bring this up on the council agenda for review. I would hope that another franchise option is looked at and to invite Charter Communications to depart our city for greener pastures else-where…

    This is an uncontainable money grab, just because they can and Charter should rue the day! Council should bring the franchise to the table and demand action on this conduct by Charter Communications and COMCAST!

    Suggest Removal

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