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Who’s on welfare, after all?

Published 8:46pm Wednesday, April 30, 2014

To the editor:

It’s perversely ironic for rancher Cliven Bundy to excoriate poor people for collecting government subsidies, while ripping off the federal government of a million dollars in grazing fees.

But even if he were to pay up, Bundy and his fellow ranchers, would still be living on government welfare.

According to the Center for Biological Diversity, livestock grazing is subsidized by federal agencies on public land in 11 western states to the tune of nearly $300 million annually. Monthly grazing fees per cow and calf on private rangeland average $11.90, but corresponding fees on federal lands are set at a paltry $1.35.

Even so, grazing subsidies are dwarfed by other government subsidies and the medical, environmental and other external costs imposed on society by animal agriculture. These extra costs have been estimated at $414 billion annually, or $3,600 per household.

Each of us can make our $3,600 annual contribution to the common good by replacing animal products in our diets with the rich variety of grain, nut and soy-based meat and dairy alternatives in our neighborhood supermarket.

Sonny Nuesbaum


  • So What

    and you keep on thinking this was all about grazing rights too as you ride on your unicorn as it spews magic dust across the desert land.
    I have a question…Why is Harry Reid taking the lead Role in this dispute? Can we not conclude that Harry Reid has a personal interest in Clive bundy’s ranch? and its not his love for the desert turtles. Harry Reid is a senate majority leader. he has no law enforcement role in Nevada or in the Federal government. Why isn’t the Department of interior head or the BLM director not taking the lead here? Does everyone get the sense that Harry Reid is Personally directing this operation? Why is the entire Nevada government sitting silently allowing it’s one senator play governor?…Someone in government needs to step up and stop Reids personal involvement next time the govt returns Mr. Bundy’s cattle to him they just might me in the form of beef patties in a 10 lb box I guess that would make you happy. yet its ok that al Sharptounge owes 3Million in back taxes Charles Rangle Congress critter owes millions and yet old harry says no one is above the law. Dingy needs to be careful of his words.Is this the same harry reid who became stinking rich through shady land deals while serving in office?
    And was recently caught funneling party funds to his family business using fudged documents?
    And openly lies and smears while enjoying the protection of congress? LISTEN WHATS THAT SOUND THAT HARRY DOESNT WANT YOU TO HEAR CA CHING CA CHING

    Suggest Removal

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