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Church columnist is too conservative

Published 9:31pm Wednesday, June 25, 2014

To the editor:

I write this letter in response to your frequent columns by Pastor Chris Surber.

He is truly not a man of God. His opinions are so far right, he is truly a Republican conservative in the image of Eric Cantor and his followers.

Yes, Pastor Surber adequately quotes verses from the Bible. However, he is just as versed at articulating a scripture in an attempt to justify his far-right, conservative viewpoints.

For me, Jesus is a loving, compassionate, gentle person.

In Pastor Surber’s article “Why I usually say, ‘No’” on June 21 [in which he explained why he usually declines to give money to people who randomly call his church asking for financial help], he did not mention taking advantage of the opportunity to ask if the callers were saved or to invite them to attend and become a member of his church, Cypress Chapel Christian Church in Suffolk.

Why is he allowed to publish so many columns? Is he special?

Larry T. Morgan



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