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Man sentenced for shooting

Published 11:14pm Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Suffolk man was sentenced Thursday to one year and three months of incarceration for a shooting in April 2013.

Patrick Almonzo Stovall, 33, received the sentence on charges of shooting in a public place, attempted malicious wounding, unlawful shooting into an occupied building, destruction of property and possession of marijuana.

The shooting took place at April 9, 2013, in the 300 block of Spruce Street. A 20-year-old male victim reported he ran from a man in a wheelchair, who was shooting at him while being pushed by another man. The victim was not injured.

Stovall will be on supervised probation after he is released.

  • criticalthinker

    A year? Seriously? Well that oughta teach him. Eye roll.

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  • hambone

    Don’t understand you shot someone get year smoke weed or steal get years . Dumb laws .

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    Stovall received a light prison sentence for his crimes. I wonder did it have anything to do with the fact he is wheelchair bound. Wheelchair bound inmates cost the DOC a lot more money to house.

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