Lee Langston shows off the bicycle he got back damaged after it was stolen by local teens. He says there has been a rash of such thefts lately in his area.
Lee Langston shows off the bicycle he got back damaged after it was stolen by local teens. He says there has been a rash of such thefts lately in his area.

Brazen bike thieves plague area

Published 8:40pm Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lee Langston wasn’t shocked when he returned from a recent family trip and discovered his bicycle had been stolen.

After all, it was the fourth time in five years it’s happened to him while he’s been living in the North Broad Street and Forest Hill Crescent area.

But what did surprise him was to see the thief riding Langston’s bicycle down the street in front of his house.

“They’re real brazen,” he said. “It’s like a big game. I think they dare each other to do it.”

Langston was one of the lucky ones in what he said has been a rash of bicycle thefts in the neighborhood in recent months. He got his bicycle back after tracking the thieves in his car and then calling police to let them know of the thieves’ location.

Langston said the officer gave the teens who stole the bike a lecture before calling him to come get his property.

The bike was all but ruined, though — the thieves had partially covered the red paint job with black spray paint, removed the handlebar pads and messed up the front brakes, Langston said.

Maj. Steve Patterson of the Suffolk Police Department stopped short of calling the thefts a trend in the area, citing only two reported incidents in the past couple of weeks, including the one involving Langston. In the other incident, police recovered the bicycle before the victim even realized it was missing, Patterson said.

But, he noted, there could be others that were not reported.

The theft of bicycles is a fairly common crime city-wide, he added. That’s why he encouraged folks to secure their property.

“We always encourage people to lock their residences, lock their cars,” he said. “If you’re away, let your neighbors keep a check on your house.”

Patterson also encouraged people to report crimes to police.

“If people aren’t reporting the crimes to us, we don’t know about them,” he said. “I encourage anybody that’s had a theft to contact us. We want to provide exceptional customer service.”

  • Johnny

    I just love the fact that we live in a town in which a late 20-something’s bike getting stolen is literally front page news. Great job Mr. Spears in regards to this hard-hitting piece of journalism you chose for a headliner. Pathetic. At least I haven’t seen a bible quote in the paper for a while, so I guess there’s that.

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  • blueberry

    He just gave them a talking to, wow that will stop them next time. No consequences for their actions, that is what is wrong with society today

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    • Savannah

      *nods* Indeed, and the guy who owns the bike gets the joy and expense of restoring it to it’s former condition.

      Hopefully he got at least got the names and addresses of those involved so he can decide if he wants to pursue the issue with the Magistrate.

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