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The first time I cooked the turkey

I have two very special jobs on Thanksgiving. I wash all of the dishes once the meal is over – a task that sometimes spans ... Read more | Add your comment

Here, the price of freedom

It was mid-summer in our nation’s capital, and the sun beat down on marble monuments and city sidewalks. Read more | Add your comment

The crackdown on bake sales

Now the government is cracking down on bake sales. A couple years ago, First Lady Michelle Obama launched her Let’s Move campaign. Along with it, ... Read more | Add your comment

Keep Internet access tax free

The Internet has expanded beyond a tool of discovery that connects people across the world and has become an indispensable tool to help people manage ... Read more | Add your comment

The minds that make things happen

When President Lincoln was assassinated, it took nearly 12 days for the news to travel from North America to Europe. Read more | Add your comment

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