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What America can learn from the Preamble

The Preamble of the Constitution of the United States is a succinct introduction that establishes our framers’ goals for our government. Read more | Add your comment

Why medical research matters

In the midst of all the politically charged, negative news around us, I find myself seeking out small glimmers of hope. Read more | Add your comment

Building a terrible foreign policy

Foreign policy decisions should do at least two things: contribute as much as possible to our nation’s credibility abroad, and never, ever put our nation ... Read more | Add your comment

Reflections on Charleston, faith and grace

Last week, a group met to study the Bible, and everything changed. Nine lives were cut short at the hand of a senseless murderer. Families ... Read more | Add your comment

‘Faith it forward’ with L.W.

Did you know that, according to the American Enterprise Institute, someone who attends church regularly is 21-percent more likely to donate to charity and 26 ... Read more | Add your comment

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