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A tough first month on the job

The Suffolk Humane Society recently welcomed a new executive director, Eileen Gizara. On the job for just two weeks, Gizara faces a bit of a ... Read more | Add your comment

Volunteers made it happen

They did not let several inches of snow on the ground. They were not frightened away by frigid temperatures. They refused to be deterred by ... Read more | Add your comment

A good job by public works

In a place like Southeast Virginia, where winter weather can mean anything from sunny skies with temperatures in the 70s to blustery below-zero wind chill ... Read more | Add your comment

Flipping the burden on assessment appeals

Kudos to Virginia’s General Assembly, which took an important step toward evening the playing field for property owners who believe their personal property tax assessments ... Read more | Add your comment

A river and an opportunity

As the Nansemond River winds through the length of Suffolk, its shores are lined mostly by golf courses, parks and some of Suffolk’s most desirable ... Read more | Add your comment

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