A tale of two developments

Changes to the plans for a Chuckatuck-area development have begun turning it from a ghost town sited alongside a road to nowhere into a viable ... Read more | Add your comment

A new puppy in the house

In my 32 years of living in the United States, I have, for the first time, a new puppy, and I’m so very happy to ... Read more | Add your comment

Surprise lurks behind 460 improvements

Visit the Suffolk News-Herald’s website and search for the words “Route 58 crash,” and the results document a saga of deaths and serious injuries. Read more | Add your comment

An encouraging transformation

The photos have such a distinctive before-and-after contrast that one wonders whether he is looking at the pre-production elements of a late-night television weight loss ... Read more | Add your comment

It’s a mad, mad world

If there’s one thing that’s been clear on my Facebook feed this week, it’s that we live in a time of anger and discord, a ... Read more | Add your comment


Transforming a horrific situation

I was sitting in a house in Haiti when a member of our mission team said, “Did you hear about what happened in Charleston?” When ... Read more | Add your comment

Letters to the Editor

Shout out for a great woman, wife

The next time you report on the women of Suffolk, I would like to put my wife’s name in that hat. Read more | Add your comment

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