Just keep on pressing on

For those of us who watch sports, there are some moments you just never forget. Sometimes the moments are exhilarating, and sometimes they are heartbreaking. Read more | Add your comment

All about ACCESS

Sometimes, it’s all about access. The best golfer in the world can never play in the Masters without a set of clubs. Even the most ... Read more | Add your comment

Some dogs (and people) do

Recently I drove to Suffolk Public Library. While my oldest son completed a homework assignment, I relaxed by perusing books on a wide variety of ... Read more | Add your comment

Comfort in time of need

For victims of crime, the pain, loss and frustration they feel in the hours immediately following the crime are hardly the end of the painful ... Read more | Add your comment

Keep up the good work, SNH

I wish to congratulate the Suffolk News-Herald and its fine staff for all the accolades they received at the Virginia Press Associations’ program last week. Read more | Add your comment


A skeptical court, declining public trust

Disgraced former Gov. Bob McDonnell finally got his day in court — the U.S. Supreme Court — on Wednesday, and it may well turn out ... Read more | Add your comment

Letters to the Editor

Pipeline will not benefit citizens

I’m sure many readers have heard about the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline taking private property through your area. ACP has a high-powered public relations campaign ... Read more | Add your comment

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