Put apartments elsewhere

I’m a long-rooted citizen of Suffolk and live in the “old Suffolk” downtown district. Read more | Add your comment

Thank you to an unknown officer

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Suffolk Police Department. Read more | Add your comment

How do you wait?

Patience is relative to the urgency of the matter, but how you wait is important to the success of that which you are waiting for. Read more | Add your comment

Stay safe and stay warm

The snow crunching underfoot and causing your car to slip and slide on your way out of the neighborhood this morning might be the least ... Read more | Add your comment

Bothered about the EDA meeting

I’ve been bothered all week. I’ll tell you why. I attended the Economic Development Authority meeting last Tuesday. Read more | Add your comment


Clean up council conflicts

Recently we reported that three former Suffolk City Council people received campaign donations of $1,000 each from the Tidewater Builders Association. Read more | Add your comment

Letters to the Editor

Obici site includes rare tree species

As a retired horticulture teacher and lover of trees, I am shocked by the idea that the city may turn the old Obici Hospital ... Read more | Add your comment

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