Distribution location needed for toys program

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Even though Christmas is still three months away, board members of

the Toys for Tots Program have already prepared a schedule for gifts to be picked up, and have also put

people in place to deliver those presents; however, one major problem exists: where to put them when they are ordered.


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Earlier this year, Captain David May from the Suffolk Salvation Army, Marion Sherrod and Joyce Elliott from the Suffolk Social Services Department and Bill Ashley, coordinator of

the Toys for Tots Program since 1964, have already picked out and ordered toys for this Christmas.

Ashley said that for the past 38 years a place has always been made available at no cost by persons who

believe in the program. Recently, the previous provider, S L. Nausbaum Inc. at the Suffolk Shopping Center who has been making a building available for several years, informed Ashley that he is now leasing that location.

&uot;Not only has Nausbaum been letting us use the building, but also he has provided us with water, lights and heating that went along with the facility at no extra cost to us. We will always appreciate the generosity of all of the people who have helped us by donating buildings in the past. But the problem still exists – we have no building at this time,&uot; said Ashley.

Time is running short and a date for a meeting for those involved with the Toys for Tots Program has been set for 10 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 3 in the Social Services building on Market Street. People in charge of distributing toys after they have been assorted will be informed about the plans for December and, most importantly, when toys will be delivered.

Ashley, on the behalf of the entire committee and board members of the program, is asking for help from anyone who has a place and is willing to let it be used to store toys

for distribution, usually a week prior to Christmas Day. If you do, please call Ashley at 539-6646.