FBCS hosts ProKids programs

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 17, 2002

How do you tie up your principal and not get detention? Talk to Adam Brinkley, a third-grader at First Baptist Christian School. That’s just what he did Tuesday night to FBCS Administrator Susan Glover.

&uot;I told her Tuesday morning I was going to tie her up, and she was never going to get out,&uot; Brinkley said. &uot;And what I tied he up I was like ‘Yeah, yeah – she isn’t going to get away.&uot;

Unfortunately for Brinkley, however, she escaped the staged stunt with the help of ProKids performer and magician Ralph Metzler.


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Known to FBCS students as ‘Mr. Ralph,&uot; Metzler performed magic tricks, songs and skits during a morning and evening shows that taught students not only how to tie up their administrators, but something quite the opposite – how to show them respect, kindness and the importance of cooperation.

&uot;My mission is to help be a positive influence for children by setting a good example and demonstrating good character,&uot; Metzler said. &uot;My goal is to teach good character qualities with a great deal of fun.&uot;

Metzler met his goal with fifth-grader Katelyn Howell who said she thought Metzler’s performance was funny, but added that she came away with some valuable lessons as well.

&uot;We learned how to respect our teacher by being quiet and saying please,&uot; Howell said. &uot;Also, that what matters is on the inside and not on the outside.&uot;

Although Brinkley said he had never heard Harry Chapin’s &uot;Cat’s in the Cradle&uot; before, he understood the meaning of the song Metzler performed and thought it was important for families to take advantage of time they can spend together.

&uot;It reminded me of me and my dad,&uot; Brinkley said. &uot;We try to do a lot of stuff together. But there might be a time that I won’t get to spend time with him.&uot;

Metzler, the show’s comedian/vocal artist/magician/story-teller, has performed for more than one million people and has taken ProKids to the White House, the Kennedy Center and television.

But for most FBCS students, Metzler’s popularity was not the result of his credentials, but his rope stunt with the school administrator.

&uot;Next year,&uot; Brinkley said, &uot;she’s not getting away!&uot;