VDOT repairs sidewalks in Whaleyville

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 16, 2002

The citizens of Whaleyville are going to walk on higher ground from now on. Virginia Department of Transportation has a branch office in Whaleyville and the community was very glad to see them doing repairs this fall. While normally working on projects for the main roads, the timing, priority list and the need level all fell into place for the sidewalks in Whaleyville proper, where families and friends have walked on sidewalks that needed repair for some time.

Rossie Carroll is superintendent of the local VDOT office for Whaleyville. Carroll explained that when a street or sidewalk needs repair there are several steps involved.

First there is an assessment for jurisdiction, whether or not it falls under state responsibility or the city.


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Then priorities are set in order of importance, other projects like the repair of potholes or some other major road repair takes precedence.

The next step is to determine the requirements, cost, supply, and time involved. On Whaleyville Boulevard it was determined that 880 feet needed prompt repair.

Working in the shade of the crepe myrtles, under the direction of the site supervisor, Robert Watson, this crew pounded and poured new sidewalks all up and down the main street through the village.

&uot;Where the sidewalk has worn away we resurface with sand and then concrete.&uot; explained Watson.

Another glad resident, Marie Prickett who can not walk any great distance waited for a dry day to test out the walkway with her wheel chair.

&uot;I am so glad the sidewalks were finally fixed,&uot; Prickett said. &uot;I love to get out and see the neighborhood, now I can do it safely. Maybe we will get sidewalks everywhere in Whaleyville!&uot;