The debate of debates

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 28, 2003

I would give a year of my life to have it take place. Who is so important that I’d sacrifice a year of my life to hear them debate? It would seem a certain Saddam Hussein called Dan Rather, a well-known newscaster and suggested he (Saddam) would be willing to debate George W. Bush on international television. Subject? The war! Now, I’m sure you can understand why I’d offer a year of my life to see (and hear) this remarkable event.

Let me acquaint you with comments on this wild idea. Jack Cafferty is a reporter on American Morning on CNN. Jack, being Irish (as I am) has got to have a weird sense of humor. It goes with the territory. So, he asked his fans to e-mail what they think of Saddam’s challenge. These are a few of the ideas sent in to him. One said it would be like Mother Theresa vs. bin Laden.

Another suggested put them both in a padded room, let them knock each other out then call in Lover Boy Clinton to take over. This, I liked. One other comment was with Saddam speaking Arabic, George W’s what he calls English would fit right in. It has merit. He lacks the sinful Clinton’s ability to grab you once he opens his mouth. How could you not listen and enjoy? He weaves a spell and you forget his sins.

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Now Saddam has informed Bush he has no intentions of destroying his missiles. I’m sure he has one with our name on it.

As I expected, there was no answer from the White House. Nor do I believe Saddam expected one.

In my own way I took this further and wondered who could judge this debate? How about bin Laden or the French ambassador? On the panel American side – Vice president Cheney. He’s been around long enough to know the rules plus the ones he makes up. Can you imagine a four-minute Arabic speech listing all the horrible things Americans have done to the &uot;innocent&uot; Saddam? How about the horrible things Saddam does to enemies with his nasty missiles, poison as and those we don’t know about? He has flatly refused to destroy those he says he doesn’t have. Shame, Saddam!

Since I know this won’t take place I’m taking back my offer a year and using it some place it will be appreciated. Like a win in every game by my Raiders who let me down this year and broke my heart. Are you listening Oakand?

Florence Arena is a resident of Hillcrest Retirement Center and a regular News-Herald columnist.