Don’t lose your cool this season

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Finally after an ark-full of rain, we seem to finally be getting some summer sun and already the temperatures are getting a bit warm. This brings up several concerns of which we should all be mindful:

First, drink water and lots of it. Dress cool and avoid strenuous outdoor activity, especially when the thermometer is nearing the 100-mark. This particularly applies to seniors because body temperature regulation often becomes more difficult as one gets older.

Second, when your children or pets are traveling in a car with you, don’t leave them inside while you shop even it’s just for &uot;a few minutes.&uot; That brief time can unexpectedly stretch out as you wait in the checkout line. Meanwhile, the car can rapidly become a broiling oven and &uot;cook&uot; youngsters and pets alike. Just in the past few years, parents have come back to their vehicles and found unattended occupants dead from heat stroke.

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Third, drink water and lots of it.

Fourth, don’t forget the sun block lotion whether you’re at work or play. The lobster look is out.

Fifth, if you know someone who cannot afford air-conditioning, help them out by lending a spare fan or two.

Sixth, be on the lookout for signs of heatstroke. No one is invulnerable from the heat and humidity’s wilting effects.

Seventh, drink water and lots of it.

Have fun this summer by keeping your cool.