Skill and dedication earn Master bars for police officers

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Suffolk News-Herald

The five police officers promoted to Master Police Officer status Monday evening included some of the best the department has in service to citizens of Suffolk according to Chief William A. Freeman.

Even before their newly earned positions, the officers had a wealth of law enforcement knowledge and skills beyond what is required of their profession. As of this morning, they proudly wear a bright silver bar with the Master Police Officer designation on it.


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Joyce Lee Williams

Detective Joyce Lee Williams has served citizens of Suffolk since Nov. 1, 1981. She began service in the uniform patrol division and in 1986; she completed Field Training Officer School, becoming a trainer for new police academy graduates. She was transferred to the Criminal Investigations Division in Oct. 1988.

Det. Williams received specialized training in radar operation, fatal accident investigations, investigation and prosecution of child fatalities and serious physical abuse, and she is a graduate of the Hampton Roads Regional Academy of Criminal Justices’ Basic Investigators School.

James D. Buie

Officer James D. Buie joined the department in 1996, and was a graduate of the 37th Session of Chesapeake Public Safety Academy, where Suffolk Police candidates train. He also completed Field Training Officer School and was later transferred to the Investigations Division and assigned to Special Investigations in December 2000. He holds a number of certifications including intoxilyzer operator, Hostage Negotiator, and Bike Officer.

He is a graduate of the U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration’s Basic Drug Investigators School, and the Commonwealth of Virginia’s specialized training in Investigations and Prosecution of Drug Cases, better known as &uot;Top Gun.&uot; Buie is also a member of the department’s Critical Incident Response Team. In Feb. 2001, he was named the officer of the quarter, and in March 2001, he was recognized as the department’s Officer of the Year.

Keith Isaac Fromme

Officer Keith Isaac Fromme joined the department in Nov. 1995. He graduated the safety academy and was assigned to uniform patrol, transferring to Investigative Services in Aug. 1999. He is recognized by Capt. Stephanie Burch as an exceptional field training officer and he was also an intoxilyzer operator, and radar operator. He has attended numerous schools and training programs.

Frederick M. Cunningham

Frederick M. Cunningham joined the department in July 1990, with his first assignment taking him to Special Investigations as an undercover officer. He was later reassigned to uniform patrol and he is a graduate of the Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Academy. He was later a part of the Community Services Bike Patrol Unit and has served as a field training officer, intoxilyzer and radar officer and fatal accident investigator. He has also attended many schools and training programs.

Andre D. Sparks

Andre D. Sparks joined the department in September 1996. He was the president of his graduating class at the public safety academy, and was assigned to uniform patrol.

Sparks was later assigned to the Community Services Unit and in 1999, became a DARE officer.

He has served the department as an intoxilyzer operator and he has also attended extensive training programs, and currently serves in uniform patrol.