Bill of shame

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Del. John S. &uot;Jack” Reid, R-Henrico, has gotten the Virginia General Assembly off to an interesting start. On Monday, according to the Associated Press, he prefiled a bill that would outlaw a summer camp for teens at White Tail Park in neighboring Isle of Wight County. The resort caters specifically to nudists, by the way.

Must have been a slow day in Henrico, for you might correctly think that a delegate would have more pressing issues regarding Virginia’s economy, defense and public health, not whether youngsters are romping about in their birthday suits.

Reid is reported as saying, &uot;We’re going to put an end to kids running around naked without their parents there.”


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We can just picture him dressed as a sour-faced, dark-hearted New England Puritan while uttering that silliness.

For one thing, this resort has already held such a camp last June for children 11 – to 18. This is reportedly legal in Virginia, provided lewd activity is not involved. Officials at White Tail say they have in place strict bans on sexual or lascivious conduct, which are enforced by peer pressure from other members; there’s also 1-1/2 counselors (presumably adult members) for every juvenile.

If such a facility has a legal right for this type of camp, and there are parents (obviously members) who willingly send their children to it, what exactly is Reid’s problem? Note that in the full article (found on page 1), he doesn’t outright express a concern about child molestation. He apparently just doesn’t like the idea that people are having fun, particularly in this case, without their clothes on.