The new man

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 14, 2004

I know – all thoughts are of dating and pleasure. Sorry to disappoint but it was the job and business. Calm down and I’ll tell

you all about it.

At the nursing center came a new boss (Nansemond Pointe) Unusual in one area. We have had only women heading that center. Now we had a man! The questions floating around many. Some asking how can a man run this place? Well gals, if you’ll be patient I’ll tell you all about it.

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Women were the last two bosses that I got to know. First one was Mrs. Butler. She was tough, but fair, knew her stuff and took no nonsense from anybody. Next came Mrs. Palmer – sweet, patient, also knew her stuff. She left for another job in North Carolina and up popped the man ready to take over. Strange name – Rhoades Kreutter. Origin? German and – surprising – a Catholic. What a lovely surprise – so am I! Born in upstate New York. This I liked, too. I was married in Geneva, New York. Really upstate. College? Of course. Upstate New York. Where else? Business degree. Now, here’s the romantic side – got to have one, you know. Met his wife – good looking gal (I saw her picture) in a restaurant she was managing. Attraction immediate ! I love this part as I dearly love women with guts. She approached him. As I’ve always said – why not? Had to be a lovely wedding as the picture was beautiful. Even he was!

He left a job similar to this to take over here. So he knows what this job needs. He has 190 patients but a large work force, which he needs. He’s good looking and well educated for the job. Mostly I noticed he was patient (most necessary.) We actually exchanged some family stories – mine nuttier than his since I had the nuttiest family. He has a sister and a brother in Virginia Beach. Sounds like a nice family.

As administrator of the Nansemond Pointe Nursing Center he must have patience beyond belief. He has. Also necessary – a willingness to listen. After my visit I’ll agree he has this. There is an abundant need for listening with kindness, as these people are always afraid even when there is nothing to fear. May he always remember this. I have a feeling he will.

Florence Arena is a resident of Hillcrest Retirement Center and a regular News-Herald columnist.