You can help make Sketchbook a great one

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 5, 2004

If you have moved to Suffolk during the past year, then your guide to living, working and playing in the area will be found in the annual edition of our magazine titled &uot;Sketchbook.&uot; The 2004 edition will be published Sunday, June 20. You, the community, can play a big part in helping us to make this edition a success.

When I think of this publication I look at it as Suffolkians’ guide to a life that can be lived to the fullest, with few missed opportunities when it is used religiously. Everyone should own a copy.

In past years after &uot;Sketchbook&uot; has hit the newsstands, I have always had someone to say to me, &uot;Why weren’t we included in this news?&uot;


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My answer usually is that we are a small news staff and it is hard to know everything that is going on. Then I had an idea. I decided to inform you of our situation and let you know how important you are to our paper because you make the news. Without you there would be no &uot;Sketchbook&uot; or any other news. So here’s the deal: to make sure that this is the best publication ever, you can also take part.

Our publisher and editor, Andy Prutsok, met with the news staff last Thursday at our company’s townhouse to talk about &uot;Sketchbook 2004&uot; and to give each reporter individual assignments to report on.

As you read on, if there is a possibility that one or more of them may fall under a subject that you may have information on, contact the reporter.

Names of reporters and how they can be reached are listed below.

Barbara Lee Allen was given the assignment to report on civic groups; who they are, when and where they meet, officers, special projects, their focus, and to schedule photos of Kiwanians, Ruritans and Rotary club members in various activities. She can be reached at 934-9617 or

Stephen H. Cowles was given the assignment to report on festivals and events, descriptions of what they are and when they are going to take place. Photos should include Driver Days, Peanut Fest and Indian Powwow. He can be reached at 934-9613 or

Jason R. Norman was given the assignment to report on recreational opportunities for both youths and adults, who is in charge, contact information, season duration, division by youth, type of sport, regional and local raceways. He can be reached at 934-9614 or

Prutsok will provide News-Herald stories. He can be reached at; or 934-9611.

Allison Williams was given the assignment to give a brief description of villages and major neighborhoods, which should also include planned developments, school information, and demographics. She will also report on Community Days, the Chuckatuck Fish Fry, Holland Founder’s Day, and supply July 4 photos of the Eclipse and Crittenden communities. She can be reached at 934-9612 or

Your truly was given the assignment to report on churches, denominations, pastor’s name, service times, mission statement, address of church, Web site address, size, special programs, photo of church, Come As You Are Days, church notes, and anniversary programs. I was also given the assignment to list the names of civic leagues, meeting times and contact information. I can be reached at 934-9615 or

Four potential cover shots for Harvey White and Eric Brooks should include hair-raising photos of kids at the park, a golfer on 18th green at the new Sleepy Hole Golf course with Nansemond River in the background, a good shot of Main Street, and a shot of the Cultural Arts Center. White and Brooks can be reached at 934-9616.

I would also like to add that when we report on any event and you want to submit your own pictures, paper copies or newspaper copies do not produce well. You should always try to submit original pictures or pictures with smooth or glossy surfaces, for instance as if coming from a source like a yearbook or church book directory.

Our Classified and Retail Ad departments also have big responsibilities and we have top-of-the-line salespeople who will make sure that your personal ads are done to your satisfaction and your businesses get recognized. Names of ad representatives and m Manager, can be reached at 539-3437 ext. 251; Linda Bundy at 539-3437 ext. 620; and Gene Dennison at 934-9605.

In retail sales, Rebecca Hill, advertising director, can be reached at 934-9601; Sue Barnes at 934-9602; Leslie Burkey at 934-9604; Earl Jones at 934-9607; and Christine Drames at 934-9608.

What I am trying to say is that we will be doing our part, but we want you to feel free to contact us with your input. With you, we can bring you the best product ever.

Evelyn Wall is a staff writer and a regular columnist for the News-Herald. She can be contacted at 934-9615 or via e-mail at