Sheriff’s office sponsoring an exciting summer

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Suffolk News-Herald

For the sixth year, the Suffolk Sheriff’s Office is sponsoring their annual &uot;Basketball Playoffs,&uot; and it promises to be a great year for fans. First of all, Derick Byrant and Tony Smith, pro European players, and local basketball great Howard Frye will all be there, and secondly, Mike Duman Auto is sponsoring J.R. Reid of the L.A. Lakers, and Johnny Newman of the Dallas Mavericks. Both players have promised to make time for autographs.

All the excitement takes place June 16 – 19 in King’s Fork Middle School, and it is all free to anyone who would like to attend as fans and supporters. This event has grown in its six years and part of the success must be attributed to Sgt. Ricky Scott and Lt. James Darden, both of the Sheriff’s office.


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&uot;We first set it up to be a family oriented event and that’s what we have insisted on over the years,&uot; said Scott. &uot;We have some of the great high school players here to entertain our community and we believe that people of all ages will truly enjoy this event.&uot;

Duman has always supported the Basketball Playoffs sponsored by the Sheriff’s office and this year, he’s also sponsoring prizes to be awarded at half-time. According to Lt. James Darden, there will be prizes for three pointers, layups and free throws.

The Duman Auto group will also have its own team entered in the basketball playoffs, and they’ll be up against some of Hampton Roads’ toughest competition; law enforcement.

Teams from sheriffs’ offices, police departments, and other branches of law enforcement will be entered in this competition and the play is always great as they battle for supremacy on the courts.

Along with some fabulous basketball, there will be plenty of snacks and beverages available at the playoffs, said Lt. Darden.

&uot;We always have sausages, hot dogs, drinks, chips and snacks,&uot; said Darden. &uot;Deputy Tommy Salmon and Deputy Barry Cobb take care of all our refreshments, and they are available during the game as well as at half times.&uot;

Deputy Steve Skinner added that in the three-point competition, contestants will have only 30 seconds to make their free throw, layup, and three pointer shots.

The winner will receive an award for their efforts. Participants are chosen from the audience, so be sure to be there, prepared to make that winning shot.

This year, as every year, this event is being held by the Sheriff’s office to generate funding to pay for the &uot;Senior Citizens’ Forum,&uot; an event Sheriff Raleigh Isaacs Sr. created six years ago. The Fall forum provides senior citizens with a wealth of information that helps them understand everything from prescriptions to medical insurances. Isaacs and his deputies also provide a luncheon for the seniors, all paid for by the basketball tournament.

Any team who would like to participate in the games should contact the sheriff’s office at 923-2200.

In another event the sheriff’s office is sponsoring, the &uot;Ganon Baker’s Shake ‘n Bake Summer Basketball Camp,&uot; and youth ages 9-16 are encouraged to take part in the program that will perfect basketball skills.