June 19, 1941

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 19, 2004

These were the headlines in the News-Herald 63 years ago:

World awaits results of Hitler’s demand on Russia

Zero hour said to be drawing near

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The harrowing war of nerves is believed to be approaching the zero hour – and jittery diplomats say it may mean war between Russia and Germany.

From Turkey to Scandinavia, the rumors are flashing back and forth. American sources in Ankara conceded there’s an even chance for Russo-German conflict.

From both Ankara and Stockholm come reports that Germany has placed a time-limit on demands for sweeping concessions from the Soviet. But reports of Russo-German border clashes are flatly denied in Berlin.

Moscow gives no hint of any sort of tension.

The Russian press and radio have carried detailed reports of the new German-Turkish friendship pact – but without comment.

RMA directors plan program for summer

A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Suffolk Retail Merchants Association was held Thursday morning with F.A. Turner, vice president, presiding.

Announcement was made of the annual convention of the state association which will be held in Lynchburg June 23-24. An invitation has been extended by the state officials to the Suffolk merchants to attend the convention.

A report of the publicity and a tentative program for the months of July, August and September was recommended and accepted by the board. The secretary was authorized to issue a bulletin to the members carrying the report of the committee.

City Manager Brinkley to vacate office

There remains but ten days for City Manager Brinkley to serve the city, for on July 1st he will turn over the duties of his office to acting city manager Causey. Mr. Brinkley has been employed by the city for the past 23 years.

It is reported that the council does not plan to name a new city manager immediately but may wait until September when the two new councilmen, L.H. Cathey and William F. Whitley take office.

During City Manger Brinkley’s illness several weeks ago, the city council made James C. Causey, city engineer for the past eight years, acting city manager. It is said that this arrangement may be continued for a time.

Mr. Brinkley will not leave the employ of the City of Suffolk. He has been named a consulting engineer and will work with Mr. Causey at a salary of $1800 per year. Mr. Causey’s salary will be raised from $3500 to $4000 per year. It is reported that another promotion will be made or has already been made, that of Frank Morrison, assistant city manager.

Park attracts big crowd of children in summer

Summer has brought additional crowds to the Joyner Park recreation center here as school children, out for vacation, make more use than ever of the facilities for play.

An average of more than 125 youngsters go each day to Joyner Park and the recreation center is tentatively planning outdoor dancing at night during summer months, using a radio-phonograph to furnish the music.

N&W veterans will attend Roanoke meet

C.M. Payne, R.L. Mullins, R.O. Walker and R.L. Modlin of Suffolk will attend the 10th annual meeting of the Norfolk and Western Veterans Association at Roanoke Saturday.

– Compiled by Stephen H. Cowles