Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Suffolk News-Herald front page says the city offers the School Board building space for a print shop building the School Board now owns. The city will rent a building for the school board to move their print shop. We citizens will get to pay rent on this new location forever. The present building is ours and paid for.

The city should build and own all of its buildings that we will need forever. We taxpayers are being led down the road to indebtedness and the need for more tax money forever. No private business in this or any other city would last three months if they operated the way this city spends money.

I have been told that council and staff will never change and that mismanagement is of no concern, because they are not spending their own money, but ours and they have a big pot of taxpayer money. I believe we can change the way they operate, remember they work for us.


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