Pocklington should get his `facts’ straight

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 12, 2004

Editor, the News-Herald:

Where does Mr. Pocklington get his ludicrous information?

His column is usually filled with vicious, fictitious assumptions.


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As Josef Goebbels once said, &uot;If you tell people something over and over, they will finally believe it&uot;. Pocklington must have found his handbook.

As for his writings of Oct. 28, Pocklington seems to forget that we have the Consitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.

Both documents make this country great and keep us free.

One of our Rights is the Freedom of Religion.

Many of our forefathers came here for that reason. Since we are a melting pot with people of many different religions, each and everyone of us should be free to practice our faith without intimidation.

I agree with the religious leaders of the Interfaith Alliance that it is important to have separation of church and state.

Using religion for political purposes is extremely distasteful to me.

I lived under the Hitler Regime and heard many of his speeches.

God was always on his side too.

The parts of the Constitution that are under attack right now are the freedoms of religion and speech.

Breaches have occurred on our right to privacy and our right of representation before incarceration.

Let no one meddle with the Constitution.

It is what sets this country apart from all other nations and if we lose our rights we have lost it all.

In another commentary published Oct. 31, Pocklington quoted a letter written by a lunatic housewife from California.

My guess would be he found her on the internet.

Again I was amazed by the hateful and ignorant contents of this writing.

She makes comparisons to Hitler and maligns decent political leaders of our country and world leaders.

She claims Hitler was elected by capturing the vote of the youth of Germany.

Hitler was never elected by the German people. He was appointed under pressure by Hindenburg.

He gained power by telling people to spy on each other, which created alot of hatred among the people.

We who spoke out against him were watched and punished throughout his reign.

We lost all freedom.

Pocklington’s message of hatred is destructive.

All of us can learn from history.

Irene Tatum