They’re dangerous when wet!

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 26, 2004

Suffolk News-Herald

If their individual accomplishments weren’t enough of Saturday afternoon, the Suffolk Gators’ relay squads made the difference in the team’s 467-420 edging of host Franklin. The local squad held a 6-4 advantage in relay competition in the meet.

Kylie Potter and Rachel Miller took second and third in the Girls 6U 25-freestyle, and Curtis Oliver won the Gators’ first race in the Boys 7-8 25 race. Amanda Petroski followed suit in girls’ action, and Matthew Peterson and Aaron Stewart got second and third in the Boys 9-10 50 rumble. Kendell Effler and Katy Lerner got the top two spots in Girls 9-10 racing, and Caleb Nixon, Quinn Bradshaw and Andrew Nielsen swept the 11-12. Danielle Thomas and Lauren Garwood charged to the top in the Girls 11-12 race, and Kyle Peterson won the Boys 13-14 50-free.


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In her Lady Gator debut, Gillian Giarrizzo got second in the Girls 13-14 50-free, and Curtis got the Boys 8U 50. Kylie got second in the girls race, and Matthew Nelms second in the 9-10 100-free.

Andrew won the 11-12, and Detrice Bickham got second in the girls race. Kyle and Gillian got first and second in 13-14 100-free races.

The Gators took home firsts in Mixed 10U, 12U and 14U relays, and David started off breastroke competition by winning the Boys 8U 25 race. Matthew, Nic Nielsen and Richard Harrah got the top spots in Boys 9-10 50-race, and Elizabeth, Kendell and Abbi Hancock followed suit in the girls’ race. Caleb and Quinn won the 11-12 race, and Anthony Wallace got the 13-14 100-breast win.

Isaac Thomas started off individual medley competition with a win in the Boys 10U race, and Elizabeth, Katy and Amanda went first, second and third in the girls’ race. Lauren got second in Girls 11-12 racing, and Kyle and Anthony got first in 13-14 200-racing.

Kylie and Curtis won in 25-backstroke, and Amanda and Megan Smidt were second and third in Girls 7-8. Nic and Richard got second and third in Boys 9-10, and Abbi finished third in the girls race.

Caleb and Quinn again were the top two in Boys 11-12, and Danielle was second in girls. Keiyon Monroe and Giarrizzo were first and second in 13-14.

David and Taylor Berard were first and second in 8U 25-butterfly, and Matthew got second in the Boys 9-10 race. Elizabeth and Kendall won the Girls 9-10, and Lauren and Danielle were second and third in 11-12. Anthony won the 13-14.

The Gators finished out the meet by winning relays in Mixed 8U, 10U and 12U individual medley competition.