Dec. 8, 1951

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Seven children face bare


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1951 Christmas

Here’s one reason why giving to the Cheer Fund is worthwhile. A letter was received yesterday from the mother of a family of seven children whose husband although employed, just doesn’t make enough in wages to hope for any &uot;extras&uot; at Christmas time.

She asks the Cheer Fund to help her this year &uot;because I am not able to give my children anything for Christmas.&uot;

The children’s ages, she states, range from seven years to nine months.

This case is like many in our community where the man of the family though working every day, just can’t stretch his wages to buy anything for his family other than the bare essentials required by them.

These marginal income families which do not appear on the welfare rolls, but who are deserving of the Christmas dinner you can assure them through donations to the Cheer Fund.

County agent figures


A consecutive estimate by Nansemond County Farm Agent John W. Freeman says that three fourths of the peanut crop has been picked throughout the county.

Freeman admitted that was actually &uot;guessing&uot; about the amount but was quick to add that no one really knows how much of the crop has been harvested yet.

&uot;If the weather holds up, the farmers should be finished by the first of next week,&uot; the farm agent stated.

The weather during the past week, with the exception of Tuesday night rains, has been most favorable for threshing and the result has been a heavy movement of farmers’ stock peanuts from farms to mills in Suffolk.

Mills here, in fact, have been flooded with haulings of farmers’ stock and most trucks had to wait a good part of the day before their turn came to be unloaded.

$336.15 netted from pencil sale

The pencil sale held yesterday by the Suffolk-Nansemond Tuberculosis Association proved highly successful with total proceeds for the sale being reported at $336.15.

The pencil sale was again sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary and was under the general direction of Mrs. C. B. Carr, Jr., auxiliary president. Mrs. Carr was assisted by Mrs. John Howell and Mrs. Ray Grodan.

A sale contest was conducted among the volunteer &uot;salesmen and saleswomen&uot; who worked in the downtown area. The winner and the cash prize each received was reported as follows: First, Linda Bowen, $2; Second, &uot;Dimples&uot; Burns, $1.50; Third, Betty McKinney, $1.

HD Club meeting

A meeting of 20 Nansemond County Home Demonstration Club presidents and health chairmen will be held Tuesday, December 11, at 9:30 a.m. at First Baptist Church, according to an announcement by Mrs. Lillian Livesay, County Home Demonstration Club Agent. The session will close at noon.

These leaders will plan the goals for the state federation goal in health and the methods to be employed in carrying out the goals. They will discuss the entire 1952 project program and devise means of reaching more county people through the homemaking services of the clubs.

Presidents to attend are: Mrs. Jack Baird, Bethlehem; Mrs. Walter Simmons, Box Elder; Mrs. J. M. Brassfield, Chuckatuck; Mrs. H. T. Richardson, Crittenden, Mrs. J. T. Tatum, Cypress; Mrs. P. G. Griffin, Eva Minix; Mrs. J. E. March, Holy Neck; Mrs. Floyd Umphlett, and many more attended.

Health chairmen who are expected to attend are: Mrs. J. L. Pully, Box Elder; Mrs. E. P. Tadlock, Bethlehem; Mrs. James Powell, Liberty Spring; Mrs. J. A. Martin, Reid’s Ferry just to name a few.

-Complied by Jennifer Rose