Relive some of Suffolk’s best individual moments from 2004

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Suffolk News-Herald

Some notable accomplishments in Suffolk high school sports during 2004:

Boys basketball:


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Nansemond River wins third straight Southeastern District and second straight district tournament title. Lakeland finishes second in both for the second straight year, pushing both teams to regional competition.

All-District: Marquie Cooke (Player of the Year), Nansemond River, First team

Eric Ruffin, Lakeland, First team

Keith Josey, Nansemond River, Second team

Mike Camp, Lakeland, Second team

Dennis Conley, Nansemond River, Honorable mention

Josh Russell, Lakeland, Honorable mention

All-State: Cooke, First team. Cooke ended his career as the school leader in assists and steals, and was one of only two Warriors to score 2,000 points.

Bo Garner, NSA, All-TCIS First team

Girls basketball:

Ann-Taylor Spain, NSA, All-TCIS First team

Lexi Holland, Claire Leonard, NSA, Honorable mention

Jamaica Mack, Lakeland, Second team

Alecia Harris, Lakeland, Honorable mention

In wrestling, Lakeland’s Kelly Sims and Nansemond River’s Jon Kleps, Ben Streetman, Brent Christie and Brian Hawk made it to regional competition.


Adam Keeling, NSA, All-TCIS First team

Jeff Cooper, Todd Harrell, Jason Rock, NSA, All-TCIS Second team

Eric Berry, Will Hirsch, Nansemond River, All-District First team

Tyren Rivers, Matt Wylie, Chris Topping, Jeremy Riggs, Nansemond River, All-District Second team

Chase Nelson, Lakeland, All-District First team

Robert Hedrick, Lakeland, All-District Second team

Brian Ashburn, Ricky Lainhart, Daniel Cross, Lakeland, Honorable mention


Ali Mowry, Megan Belch, Heather Horton, Mindy Byrd, Nansemond River, All-District First team

Linley Theroux, Ashley Dar-den, Ashley Aston, Nansemond River, All-District Second team

Brian Maupin, Nansemond River, District Coach of the Year

Katelyn Smither, Lakeland, All-District First team

Tanya Chirico, Lindsay Kelly, Erica Rimasse, Lakeland, All-District team

Girls soccer:

Katelyn Yandle, Nansemond River, District co-Rookie of the Year

Hannah Moyer, Nansemond River, First All-District team

Gabby Ferraioli, Nansemond River, Second Team

Virginia Donovan, Natasha Hill, Nansemond River, Honorable mention

Stephanie Owen, Lakeland, Second team

Kristin Brown, Melissa Dunn, Lakeland, Honorable mention

Kristin MacKinnon, Stephanie Vallez, NSA, All-TCIS Second team

Boys lacrosse:

Sam Markham, Willis Taylor, Bobby Flintoff, NSA, First All-TCIS team

Joe Vidarte, Charles Persons, Kyle Jett, Chris Buttery, Second All-TCIS team

Flintoff, Taylor, Honorable Mention, All-State team.

Girls lacrosse:

Parris Grieder, Ellis Pretlow, NSA, All-TCIS First team

Courtney White, NSA, All-TCIS Second team.

Girls volleyball:

Michelle Boucher, NSA, First All-TCIS team

Kristin Nuckles, NSA, Honorable Mention All-TCIS

Boys soccer:

Patrick Whalen, NSA, First All-TCIS team

Daniel Curran, NSA, First All-TCIS team

Jake Conrad, Jeff Edwards, Aaron Stacy, Gary Tull, Lakeland, All-District

In golf, Nansemond River’s team tied for first in the Southeastern District with Great Bridge and Hickory. Jonathan Faw and Greg Hunt made it to state competition.

Field hockey:

Lakeland wins fourth straight district regular season and tournament title, not allowing a district goal. For second straight year, River also makes it to regional competition.

Katelyn Smither (Player of the Year), Stephanie Owen, Nicole Klee, Lindsay Kelly, Ashley McCord, Kelsey Cutchins, Lindsay Cutchins, Lakeland, First All-District team

Katelyn Yandle, Ashley Aston, Heather Horton, Natalie Sims, Nansemond River, First All-District team

Melissa Dunn, Lakeland, Second team

Jessica Watahovich, Cristina Valdevieso, Amber Shaffer, River, Second team

Brandi Novak, Whitney Witt, King’s Fork, Second team

Chelsey Salmon, Becky Salmon, Katie Daughtrey, Lakeland, Honorable mention

Erin Rice, Heather Proffit, Lindley Theroux, Nansemond River, Honorable mention

Ashley Payton, King’s Fork, Honorable mention


Adam Gillette, Matt Tuttle, Ben Parmenter, Jason Rock, Charles Persons, Griffin Powell, NSA, All-TCIS

Greg Henderson, Lakeland, First All-District First team

Terry Bullock, Nansemond River, All-District First team

Tyrone Parker, Lakeland, All-District Second team

Deon Powell, Nansemond River, All-District Second team

Jay Bright, Jason Brown, Nansemond River, Honorable mention

D.J. Everett, Kelly Sims, Mike Parker, Lakeland, Honorable mention