Conspiracy…or racism?

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 29, 2005

Editor of the News-Herald:

For the past several years, there seems to be a conspiracy or an act of racism in the city of Suffolk’s government, justice system and commonwealth’s attorney’s office to destroy respectable black men, their career and families.

Let’s start with Jimmy Wilson, former police chief of Suffolk. Was he not doing his job or did white subordinates not like taking orders from a black man who is in authority? Then there’s Dennis Montgomery, who was an outstanding black attorney in the city of Suffolk. What did he do so wrong that his career had to take a turn? Did he do something that no white attorney hasn’t done or is doing? Then it was Clinton Jenkins who had the heart and respect of the community to run for public office and when he tried to discipline his children with no physical or violent abuse, he is brought up on trumped up charges, which were dismissed.

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Now here you are coming up with some charges of sexual favors for legal services against one of the most outstanding and respectable black lawyers in Hampton Roads, Johnnie E. Mizelle.

I asked myself, after serving in the community of Suffolk and knowing what I know, is this racism or a conspiracy? My answer is yes, there is a conspiracy and racism in the city of Suffolk to destroy black men and their families.

I’ve noticed in the past several years in the city of Suffolk, every time a black man takes a stand or asks questions of those elements of authority, a special interest group tries to ruin his character, integrity, self respect, and dignity, but most of all his manhood and family.

As a black man (believe me, I’m pure black) it is time for us to stand up and defend each other when these elements of government try to tear down the black man and his family.

Point in reference: look at those black men that are incarcerated compared to those that are in college or have a decent career.

We also have two black organizations in the city of Suffolk, the Suffolk Interdenominational Alliance and the NAACP with the most influence in the black community, but when something of this magnitude rises up, I ask myself, where are they? Have they sold out or were they bought out as black people in this city? We need to come together and control our own destiny, and not let others do it.

I also ask this question: Which black man is next? Who will be morally executed in the city of Suffolk?

Harvey Clark