Gators finish season with second

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Suffolk Gators took second in their final home meet of the season on Saturday afternoon, finishing behind visiting Hampton.

The local squad’s Mixed 7-8 relay team took second in 200-medley competition, and the 13-14 team won. Kylie Potter snared the girls 6U 25-free, and Andy Blanchard got the boys race. Pauline Ferguson was second in girls 7-8 competition, and David Forman second in boys. Samantha Barbour, Kendell Effler and Abbi Hancock were third, fourth and fifth in 9-10 50-free, and Nolan McGrew won for the boys, with Matthew Peterson in third and Connor Pederson fourth.

Taylor Dailey was second in the boys 11-12 50-free, and Ruffin Hill, Kyle Peterson and Anthony Wallace were the top three finishers in 13-14.


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Moving to breastroke battles, Kendall, Elizabeth Wallace and Abbi were second, third and fourth in 9-10 50, and Richard Harrah second for the boys. Anthony won the 13-14 100.

Samantha started individual medley pooling by getting second in 9-10 100, and Matthew was second in the boys race.

The mixed 7-8 100-free relay team ended at second, as did the 9-10 200 squad. The 13-14 team won again, and Kylie won her second race with the 50-free. Megan Smidt came in third 7-8 50-free, and David won the boys race. Elizabeth followed suit in the 9-10, and Nolan got second. Taylor took third in 11-12 100, and Ruffin and Kyle were tops in 13-14.

Kylie again started a new stroke with a win, taking the 25-backstroke, and Andy got another first. Amanda Petroski was second in 7-8, and Elizabeth first in 9-10, three places above Abbi. Richard and Connor were third and fourth in their race, and Taylor third in his. Ruffin ended the stroke by winning the 13-14 100, and Amanda started butterfly with the 7-8 25 title. David was second in his race, and Samantha won hers. Matthew was second in 9-10 50, and Kyle won the 13-14 to end things.

The team will now compete in the Virginia Community Swim League competition Sunday at the Old Hampton Community Center.