How do you like us now? – March 8, 2005

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 14, 2005

Welcome to a new feature of The Editor’s Blog will be updated daily with whatever might be on my mind or managing editor Luefras Robinson’s.

Our plan with the Blog is to primarily focus on issues that concern the News-Herald. We hope readers will offer their feedback periodically. One thing I’ve found after more than two decades in this business is that if nobody complains about a project or change, then it’s an overwhelming success. We normally only hear the negative.

Regular readers will notice today that has a new look. We hope you’ll find it to be cleaner and more user friendly. Our first attempt at Web page design was kind of garish. All the old features remain – top local news, weather, classifieds, etc. as well as national and international news provided by the Associated Press.


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Some new features, in addition to this Blog, will be the Top Homes and Top Autos, which will allow our advertisers to feature their best deals of the day.

In addition to internal issues, we’ll also discuss little nuggets of information about Suffolk here that don’t always make it into print.

First on the list is the flu bug that’s going around. I got clobbered last Thursday and was not in a vertical position again until Sunday morning. It’s been rampaging through our building and I urge you not to fool around with it. Mine started with a sore throat, but primarily manifested itself in fever and a severe headache that didn’t quit for two days. I also had other, regular cold symptoms.

I’ve talked to some people who thought they were better after two or three days, resumed regular activity, and got slammed again. If you get this, stay down until it run its course.

Like I said, we hope you’ll find the new site easier to navigate and look forward to hearing from you.